Man Arrested In Shooting That Killed 3 In Downtown Lawrence

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On a grander scale, in 2012, an erosion-control company, contracted to reseed and groom land disturbed by drilling and pipeline companies, shut down suddenly, costing several locals their jobs, including Shaw's brother Brandon. Shaw looked into the prospects of starting a similar company, and since opening in January 2013, the business has hired 40 areas residents, with plans to hire more.

You talked about America and its crumbling infrastructure. A lot has been written about crime in Chicago, for example. The state of the country, whether it is crime, or state finances, or infrastructure, all of that is conflated into this idea that America has been deteriorating.

The fundamental factors in the marketplace, whether it's mortgages, whether it's metals or agricultural products, not much has changed. Duffy:
I don't see it changing anytime soon, only because there are so many structures out there that still look like they did in 1995, in 2005, outside of technology. It's hard to say that markets are going to evolve in a different manner in the next two to three years. I just don't see that happening.

Everyone was losing their shirts, and he was raking in $2 billion to $3 billion paychecks. "I always read the rankings of the hedge fund managers and how much they made in a year," he says. Winning the bet on Africa Oil proved it. "The stars were aligning," says Guindo. "So I was like, I need to start going down a path of my own. " He wanted to build assets and manage them — he just needed an expertise in something, and more and more he concluded oil and gas was it. "In 2008, I was fascinated by John Paulson and how much money he had made.

When they legalized marijuana and it's still so controversial, it could still be harmful or could lead to people using other drugs, but a bunch of states still legalized it, why is that so different from this? I don't want to be sophomoric about this. I don't want to draw a bad analogy, but I think there's a point where people need to say, "It's there. They're doing it anyway. You know what I relate it to?

That's sometimes just as important, if not more important, than dismantling the ones on the books. Anybody in this town who knows about regulations knows laws are hard to change. I think that's what gave the market the comfort to do what it did. One of the things that people got excited about, especially the markets after the president-elect got elected, was that it wasn't so much a case of dismantling existing laws as no new ones were coming.

It is mostly unions doing the road, so this is all their people's jobs, if you want to call them that. Duffy:
First of all, for an infrastructure bill, every Democrat would be out of their mind if they didn't vote for it.

Laws are difficult to pass either way. I think certain things need to happen. And so I think people talk about dismantling Dodd-Frank, the president-elect has talked a lot about that. But to say it's going to be gutted, I don't think we are going to go back to 2007 again. So now the legislation is passed you have to change it, and put something else in place or do something with it. But I don't see a massive deregulation, like some people might think is coming, only because it is very difficult to do. The easiest thing to do in Washington is to kill a piece a legislation; the hardest thing in Washington to do is to pass a piece of legislation.

He is close friends with John Boehner, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton name-checked him on the campaign trail
. He has photographs of himself with Michael Phelps, Peyton Manning, and Derek Jeter. and Jeb Bush, winning a negligible sum from the former president. Duffy just played golf with George W. It's not just security guards who take to the 57-year-old executive.

Our plans for that are solid and we're doing quite well. My focus has been to look more at Hong Kong — not to acquire something in Hong Kong, but to have more salesforce people there to help get more business there, make it more streamlined, and get the business from mainland China that comes through Hong Kong.

Now I understand how some political folks might think that it's opening Pandora's box and we will just be condoning bad behavior. I just think it needs to be done. Duffy:
I have been an advocate for a repatriation bill for the last five to 1o years.

No, I think what's important is that you have to remember that if a client is trading his own money, it's his own money. If a hedge fund or a mutual fund or sell side or big buy-side participant is trading what they call institutional money, you have to remember you have to go back, and say, "OK, where did this money come from? " Even though it's institutional money, it came from somebody.

He may not be in a good mood right now. Duffy:
Yes, it is, and I think you need to know the client and understand the client. You don't know, so you need to understand the client. That's something I think we've gotten a little bit away from. And if the client wants XYZ, then you'd better know the price of XYZ before you walk in and talk to the client about whatever the hell you were trying to sell them.Multifamily construction increased in several Districts including Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. The Cleveland, Dallas, and San Francisco Districts said apartment demand remained strong. New home construction continued to pick up in most Districts, although the Richmond District said that a low supply of residential building materials had stalled construction. Only the Philadelphia District noted that residential construction decelerated somewhat, although home sales were still growing moderately. The New York District noted apartment rents accelerated in early 2013, due to stronger demand coupled with historically low inventories.

Yes, because otherwise you've got the same participants all going the same way the same exact time. Whether it's high-frequency traders, prop traders, or anybody else, it doesn't really matter who they are, but we need to have more diverse trading in all market places.

I'm a firm believer in that, if you've got a little, give a little, if you've got a lot, give a lot. That's the way we look at it. We're very much involved in the civic community of Chicago and Illinois and New York, because part of our business is here. But if you're going to do nothing and bitch about it, then nothing is going to happen.

Farid Guindo is sitting at a corner table with a view onto East 55th Street. Don't let the casual attire mislead. He has his sights set on someday, and someday soon, being a master of the universe just like many of his fellow Core club members. In a casual navy blazer, open-collared oxford and jeans, he seems more ready to trade movie scripts than stock portfolios.

But first he makes a point about what separates him from many of the people he has left behind. It is really hard psychologically to start and run a business, put your money into it and cross your fingers. "My peer group, they want to stay in New York. In the dining room of the Core, a waiter clears Guindo's plate. " He takes a second to consider his next words. Most guys just want to be at the big-name shop. "I have second thoughts all the time, but I have to stick to my instincts, which are pointing me toward staying in the deep end. He's ready to move on to his next meeting and then to the airport. It is more comfortable.

You have to continue to be there, continue to work, but at the same time you have to be very mindful of the cost when you decide to invest in a place that's supposedly going to open up their markets, but you don't know when.

Ever since the boom, tankers and other heavy-duty trucks have made for traffic nightmares near Carrollton Square. They're learning as well in Carrollton. "It used to take five minutes to go through the center of town at noon," says one local.

The Senate is not veto-proof. So even though the Republicans control the majority, it is a very slim majority. Duffy:
Well, I don't have a crystal ball, and you can only go off what you hear on the administration and what they are saying, and what some of the people they're putting into the administration to advise them are saying. I have to be honest with you.

Guindo knows that is a possibility. He's aware of cycles, and he sees what is taking place in Pennsylvania. That's why he left New York City and moved to Ohio. He is a student of the oil business. "Even when I was working in the investment world," he says, "I wasn't chasing the rabbits; I was after the elephants. But right now he is confident of his play in Carroll County.

It turns out they were doing seismographic testing. And one day he noticed large trucks pounding the ground on the highway near his farm. "That made us wonder," Kiko recalls. But by 2010, Kiko's luck started to change. Milk prices rebounded, for starters.

We're focused on that. If we look after our clients, in return our shareholders will get rewarded. And then our employees will get rewarded. There's an equation in our world. When I say broadening the base, my focus is the client, all of the clients. We want them to know we are focused on their needs.

Something was percolating in Carroll County, Ohio. He read Institutional Investor
 religiously. Guindo was the vice-president of portfolio management for the McGill Investment Club. From his base in New York City, Guindo followed the action and what it could mean to him and his dream. Since his first days of college, he had been reading books on Warren Buffett, George Soros, Edward Lampert.

I mean, who has the best bid and offer? And if you look at Reg NMS, that came into play in 2007. There are loopholes in the system that allowed them to do so. It's got to be in nanoseconds. Who knew what Reg NMS could do when computers could start to see these heat-seeking missiles going from the NYSE to Nasdaq to backrooms? HFT wasn't even around in 2007.

So we took your hundred dollars, my hundred dollars, and his hundred dollars, and next thing you know someone is trading $1o billion dollars, and they call it institutional money. The problem is that you have to remind yourself that that client is trading someone else's individual money. You have to approach it in that vein, so I still think there's a personal touch, even though it's institutional."I always wanted to be an investor," he says between bites of breakfast, scrambled eggs garnished with salmon. He envisioned being the next Dwight Anderson, not working for him. Over the next 22 months, Guindo — impatient, laser-focused — made the needed connections, spotted the target of his future fortunes and, more important, cultivated the money that would get him to where he wanted to go. And yet he was already planning ahead.

Overall upward wage pressures continued to be fairly modest. The Kansas City District noted wage increases for commercial truck drivers, and the Richmond District reported widespread wage increases in the service sector. Rising healthcare costs were a concern among contacts in a few Districts, including Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Chicago. Several Districts reported wage pressures in sectors experiencing labor shortages, such as information technology, construction, and engineering. There were a few exceptions, however.

The bets that they put down could be dramatic, because of how the world is going to change. There are going to be a lot of people in business, not just people running exchanges, but people in business generally who are going to have to make some pretty tough decisions.

Staffing firms in the Cleveland and Chicago Districts noted an increase in orders from the manufacturing sector, and several manufacturers in the St. Labor market conditions remained unchanged or improved slightly, and reports of hiring were more widespread in the manufacturing, residential construction, information technology, and professional services sectors. Several Districts noted robust demand for workers tied to the residential construction sector, including Philadelphia, Cleveland, Dallas, and San Francisco. The Minneapolis District noted a tightening labor market, and along with the Dallas District cited continued challenges in attracting and retaining workers in areas close to oil-drilling regions. Louis and Kansas City Districts said they planned on expanding their payrolls. Reports from the New York and Richmond Districts indicated strong demand for temporary workers. Demand for information technology professionals and engineers was strong in the New York, Richmond, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and San Francisco Districts. In contrast, hiring activity was limited in the Boston and Cleveland Districts, demand for staffing services softened in the Dallas District, and some Districts, including Richmond and Atlanta, reported restrained hiring due to uncertainty over fiscal policy or healthcare reform. Contacts in several Districts faced difficulties finding highly trained or skilled workers, especially in the information technology and engineering fields. The Chicago District cited a stronger job market for new college graduates and more competition among employers to fill intern positions. In particular, a lumber and wood products firm in the Philadelphia District said the firming housing market had resulted in the best growth prospects in five years.

Reports from fabricated metals producers were mixed across Districts, with increases noted in the Philadelphia and Dallas Districts while weaker production was noted in the Kansas City District. Lower activity was indicated by makers of primary metals in the Philadelphia District, and Chicago District specialty metal manufacturers noted declines in new orders. Demand for steel was relatively flat in the Cleveland and Chicago Districts, while firms in the San Francisco District saw an increase in demand for steel products used primarily in transportation infrastructure and nonresidential construction projects. San Francisco District defense-related manufactures noted furloughs, layoffs, and plant closures at some production facilities, and military customers in the Chicago District were taking measures to lower costs in anticipation of tighter future defense budgets. Numerous Districts reported uncertainty or weakness in military or defense-related sectors.

Around the area, word spread that land men working for Chesapeake Energy and Rex Oil, the two primary drillers eyeing Carroll County, were scouting farms and offering to lease land for future drilling sites. Back in the 1980s, Kiko leased some of his land to an oil company for $2 to $3 an acre. Leasing wasn't unheard of. Even though the drillers never came, says Kiko, "that money paid some taxes.

And we'll have the same amount of acreage in 2050 as we do today. What I do see happening is by 2050 we could be feeding 9 billion people in the world. We have roughly 7 billion today. What's the cost of that going to be? So how is that market going to evolve?

If something happens, we either all pull out or we all go the same way, and we don't have anyone taking the opposite side of the trade. It could be better, but you've got to remember: The liquidity is getting consolidated among a handful of participants, which is never good. I think that is healthier because I don't like it when liquidity goes in one direction. I like when it is diversified.The Philadelphia District commented that there was not much change in nonresidential activity during the reporting period, but that contracts for repair work from Hurricane Sandy have yet to be approved. Contacts in the Richmond District cited a tight supply of class A office space and said there were several large projects under construction in the Washington D. Office vacancy rates declined in the Boston District and contacts said the construction of mixed-use projects was picking up. Louis, Minneapolis, and Kansas City Districts noting increases. Both commercial real estate development and leasing activity increased across the San Francisco District, mostly fueled by growth in the technology industry. The New York District reported that office vacancy rates continued to decline and rents rose in Manhattan. Several Districts, including Boston, Richmond, Atlanta, and Kansas City said commercial property investment sales activity increased during the reporting period. Commercial real estate and construction activity improved in most Districts. Commercial construction saw widespread improvement with the New York, Atlanta, St.

Transportation activity also increased in the Atlanta District, and port contacts continued to invest in infrastructure and equipment improvements. Kansas City transportation services activity was flat compared to the previous survey period. Transportation services activity was mixed. Dallas reported weakened transportation demand, with decreases in intermodal cargo, air cargo, and coal shipments, but contacts noted that petroleum and petroleum-product shipments increased during the survey period. Trucking firms in the Cleveland and Kansas City Districts had trouble finding experienced drivers, and a Cleveland contact said there may be a driver shortage in the summer. Expectations for future transportation activity were generally positive in most Districts. Shipping volume in the Cleveland District met or exceeded expectations, with increases driven by the energy sector, rerouting of container traffic, and residual effects from Hurricane Sandy.

"I am always looking for the next evolution," he says. well, then, maybe it will be time to start drilling and live up to his firm's name. And if his plan works in Ohio, then Guindo has thoughts of extending his hotel chain throughout the country, to other oil and gas areas.

Residential real estate activity continued to strengthen in most Districts, although the pace of growth varied. A realtor in the Richmond District indicated that low interest rates continued to motivate home buyers, and potential buyers in the Philadelphia District expressed greater confidence, including entry-level purchasers who had been increasingly opting to rent since mid-summer. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco Districts noted strong growth in home sales, while New York and Chicago reported slight improvements. Contacts in the Boston, St. Richmond and Atlanta Realtors observed multiple offers on many homes. Contacts in the Cleveland and Atlanta Districts said sales were higher than a year ago. Philadelphia real estate contacts continued to report low-end home prices as firm or rising slightly, while high-end home prices were still falling. Several Districts noted ongoing strength in multifamily construction, although contacts in the Atlanta and Cleveland Districts mentioned continued financing difficulties for builders. Home construction increased in most Districts, with the exception of the Kansas City District where it was reported as unchanged. Home prices edged higher in the majority of Districts, with lower inventories generally cited as the primary cause. Inventories declined in nearly all Districts, with Realtors in several Districts concerned about the impact on future sales volume.

Louis District was largely in good condition. However, drought conditions improved significantly in much of the Atlanta District, and the winter wheat crop in the St. Drought persisted in the Kansas City District and worsened slightly in the Dallas District, straining the respective winter wheat crops and causing continued losses in the livestock sector. Agricultural conditions were mixed across Districts, largely due to varying weather patterns. Farmers in the Chicago, St. The Minneapolis District's agricultural sector remained strong, and producers in the San Francisco District noted increased production as well as higher demand. Louis, and Minneapolis Districts plan to increase soybean acreage this year but were mixed in their plans for corn and other grain acreage. Contacts in the Chicago District noted that corn and soybean prices dropped over the reporting period based on expectations of a larger crop this year and current stocks not being as tight as anticipated. Cold weather delayed field preparation for spring planting in the Richmond and Chicago Districts.

Hedge fund managers and real estate billionaires and high-powered sports executives pay a $50,000 initiation fee and $15,000 in annual dues for access to the club's amenities — the spa and salon, the Zoomtion fitness center — and the privacy afforded so they can talk big business without worry of prying ears." I think that applies to markets and everyday life. It's something that affects us all, and it's real, and I don't think people can debate it. But the problem is, if we did everything right here in the US, and in Europe, you wouldn't change a damn thing unless China and India do the right thing, too. We've got to get together more as a global group of people, to say "Let's do the right thing. Let's take climate control, global warming, for example.

It's in Carrollton, a few blocks from Donna's Deli and near a Chevrolet dealership, that Guindo has recently opened an 80-room extended-stay hotel, the Microtel Inn today the daily haul is more than a million barrels, or more than 10 percent of the U. With those figures as benchmarks, Carroll County became ground zero for the next potential boom.

Sometimes it's hard to look ahead when you are 26, and busy, and building a hotel, and hoping—expecting — to fill it every night. He also has plans to open a hotel southwest of Carroll County. There's talk that another boom will soon be setting off there. Friends and family have invested in him because he told them he had a plan: to make money on the oil play. Now he knows he has to deliver a return. In total he has $11 million under management. He's working with not only his money but other people's, too. Besides the $5 million going into the hotel in Carrollton, he broke ground recently on a property in a county south of Carroll. He sees no reason he won't. But Guindo knows he must.

Yes, the sun, right now, seems to always be shining in eastern Ohio and in Carroll County. Or just go over the border to Pennsylvania, where many residents continue to enjoy their first-ever oil and gas rewards, but others, suddenly, know the bitter side. But talk to the folks in Midland, Texas, or Houston, or Tulsa, Oklahoma — areas that are back to good times but only after booms brought busts that erased riches and jobs and caused hotels to go dormant.

He did all this so when he went into Bill Newell's office, he was ready to buy. He learned that processing, not just drilling, would be taking place in the area, ensuring even more local business. When he scouted the region on different occasions, he had a map of Carroll County marked with drill sites; he drove along the country roads abutting farms, looking for drill pads, and making sure what he saw on his map matched what he saw from the roadside.

In a town without hedge funds, or a Core club. In a town that knows poverty and is only now trying to figure out wealth. He thinks he has found it — in Appalachia of all places, in an Ohio town with fewer than 3,300 residents, in a town where the most popular restaurant, Donna's Deli, closes after the noontime rush. In a town of five streetlights and with a mayor who's also a minister and who sometimes preaches on Sundays about the virtue of frugality.

I'm not a Chinese expert, I'll tell you that right now. We're an impatient bunch here in the US. It's difficult over there. It's like a different world. The Europeans are probably the second-most impatient, and [the British] are calm, and then you have the Asian community where 50 years is like tomorrow. People say the markets are going open up. Yeah, they probably will someday.

So whether that's taking $21 trillion of interest-rate swaps and compressing them to $15 trillion or $16 trillion, compressing so many different line items, that saves the dealers a tremendous amount of money. We have to come up with creative ways to benefit the client by creating more capital efficiencies. That's what we are doing. And that's a benefit to the client. Duffy:
It has played out in a couple ways. Because of regulation and the world we live in now, the cost of capital has gone up. That's what I want to keep doing. There's a lot of capital saved by doing that.

Several Districts, including Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and San Francisco, said prices for some construction materials rose since the last report, but there were few reports of pass-through. The majority of Districts said overall price pressures remained minimal during the reporting period.

It's the start of the year so everyone is just getting ramped up again. So the markets don't take the breaks that they used to. It's not like it used to be when I first started in the business, when November was kind of the shut-off date and the start date wasn't until probably like February 1. Terrence Duffy:
Business is good. Now they don't quit because it's so global now. There was a two-month hiatus for the market place.

Residential real estate activity continued to improve in most Districts, and some Districts, including Cleveland, Richmond, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco, noted increased momentum since the last report. The New York District, in particular, noted especially strong improvement in residential real estate—both in for-sale housing and apartment markets.The Carroll County sheriff reported 374 felony arrests in 2013, up from 149 in 2012. And the potential impact of hydraulic fracturing extends beyond county lines. As in Oklahoma, where increased fracking has coincided with a signficant increase in earthquakes since 2009, Ohio has experienced an uptick.

Kansas City reported that auto sales decreased during the reporting period but remained higher than 12 months earlier. Atlanta auto dealers noted that lower gas prices quickly boosted purchases of larger vehicles. Auto sales were robust in some areas of the San Francisco District, but were somewhat below expectations in other areas. Auto sales showed moderate to strong growth on a year-over-year basis, with Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Dallas at the lower end of this range, and Atlanta and Chicago at the higher end. However, some dealers in the St. Louis District reported excess inventories of luxury cars.

The Kansas City and San Francisco Districts noted solid growth in information technology services, and contacts expect demand to remain robust through year-end. Defense-related and other firms dependent on the federal government in the Philadelphia District said they expect a decline in activity for the remainder of the year. Demand for nonfinancial services expanded at a modest pace since the previous report. The Boston District reported strong demand for healthcare consulting services partly due to changes resulting from the Affordable Care Act, while healthcare firms in the San Francisco District indicated plans to freeze hiring and scale back capital expenditures in response to federal spending cuts.

Experts predict that the United States will be the world's largest producer of oil by 2015 and that by 2040 50 percent of the country's natural gas will come from the shale-rock formations igniting the current surge. Spurred by hydraulic fracturing, which over the past decade has unearthed once-unknown oil and natural gas reserves deep underground, America's energy industry is now pumping at historic levels.

Kobach advised the campaign on issues such as illegal immigration, publicly proposing a way for the U. to force Mexico to pay for a wall along their border. Kobach was the most prominent state official to endorse the elder Trump before the state's presidential caucuses in March 2016 and has said he met the president's son through a mutual friend.

It wasn't that they saw the orders — it's because of the regulations. Computers are chasing it, and the high-frequency guys had an advantage. I'm not saying the guys did anything wrong, because this is the way the markets were set up.

Why do you think prop trading should be allowed? The Fed released a staff paper on December 22
focused on the Volcker Rule and found that the rule had had a negative effect on corporate-bond liquidity. That seems to be the direction of travel. Turner:
It's interesting that you've said the banks should be allowed to proprietary trade.

Travel and tourism picked up during the reporting period. Broadway theaters reported that attendance and revenues were up more than 10 percent from the same period in 2013. Warm December weather in the Minneapolis District also reduced winter tourism there. The Boston, New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco Districts reported strong travel and tourism activity. Tourism in the Richmond and Kansas City Districts was at or above normal seasonal levels. However, ski resorts in the Philadelphia District struggled to attract visitors in the midst of unseasonably warm weather.

San Francisco reported modest growth in sales, Dallas noted flat to slightly higher sales activity, and New York said retail sales were strong in January but slowed in February primarily due to weather. The Chicago District said consumer spending increased at a slower rate, while Cleveland and Atlanta noted mixed sales activity.

Detroit is a great example. Jamie Dimon, with JPMorgan, has put a big investment in to Detroit. I have friends in Detroit, and I looked at it personally to do some stuff there. I'm not saying Detroit is going to come back or not, but you have to look at geographic locations in the United States, and say, "OK, what makes sense?

Rockefeller, then just richer when the dust settles, whenever that will be. Yes, the Exxons, the ConocoPhillips, the Chevrons still dominate the upper tier of the energy landscape. And a glance through their annual reports display upper-management portraits with seemingly xeroxed profiles: CEOs in their fifties and sixties with 25-plus years of experience, all male, all white. What can't be debated, though, is that the boom has created a new wave of speculators and entrepreneurs and businesspeople, each hoping to be, if not a new oil baron in the tradition of John D.

Louis and San Francisco reported strong demand for technology, logistics, marketing and legal services. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Kansas City services contacts continued to be optimistic about growth in the coming months and in the second half of 2013. High-tech services increased in the Kansas City District, but growth was lackluster in the Boston District due in part to weak demand from Europe and Japan. Staffing services firms in the Boston and New York Districts saw improved conditions, but activity was mixed in the Dallas District. Logistics services were also an area of growth in the Philadelphia District, but growth was modest due to firms' concerns about possible federal spending cuts. Nonfinancial services activity continued to grow at a modest pace since the previous Beige Book.And his confidence as an investor — an investor in oil and gas — soared. Guindo sold when the stock had climbed to around $9. "How do you actually make money? Africa Oil went through the roof. He took his money and looked beyond New York City. For something even bigger. "I felt comfortable in my own shoes to say, What is out there? " A few months later, he left Ospraie. He grossed close to a million dollars.

(Thad Allton/Topeka Capital-Journal via AP) " Alford made the comments Saturday during a public meeting at a hospital in Garden City. Alford, arguing against the legalization of any use of marijuana, suggested that it and other drugs were originally outlawed in part because blacks were "basically users" and "responded worst" to the drugs because of their "character makeup _ their genetics and that. Steve Alford, R-Ulysses, sits in the Kansas House at the start of the 2018 legislative session Monday, Jan.

The downside is, it goes from $1. Guindo still liked Africa Oil. "The upside is, it goes through the roof. "The downside," he says, "was that they drill a couple of wells and it doesn't work. He put $100,000 of his own cash in the stock as a personal investment.

The majority of Districts reported modest improvements in labor market conditions, although hiring plans were limited in several Districts. Even with some input costs rising, most District contacts did not plan to increase selling prices. Price pressures remained modest, with the exception of increases in prices for certain raw materials and slightly higher retail prices in several Districts. Wage pressures were mostly limited, but some contacts reported upward pressure for skilled positions in certain industries due to worker shortages.

They're very smart people. But you've got to be able to communicate. That's how you become successful in all walks of life. The life experiences are this [mimics a computer controller], technology, video games, and all this other stuff that's a bit out of touch with reality. Not all of them, but there's a good chunk. You've got to be able to walk out and meet the next person with a completely different personality and be able to move forward.

A ski resort in Minnesota reported that lift ticket sales and lodging were well ahead of last year, although not close to historical records. Philadelphia said tourist activity was solid in the Poconos' ski resorts, but some revenues were lost when schools cancelled winter break to make up for missed days during Hurricane Sandy. Boston and Atlanta noted a strong increase in international visitors, especially from Europe. Contacts in the Richmond District mentioned increased activity along the outer banks of North Carolina, and San Francisco reported solid growth of visitor counts and occupancy rates in Hawaii. Tourism remained solid or advanced further in most Districts, spurred by increased snowfall during the winter ski season. Travel was reported as robust in the New York District, particularly in Manhattan, as well as at hotels in the outer boroughs that are still occupied by displaced residents, utility workers, insurance adjusters, and others due to Hurricane Sandy.

He crunched the numbers on Africa Oil and liked what he saw. He pitched the stock as an option for the Ospraie portfolio but got rebuffed. A good portion of that seed money, he says, came about when, in 2012, he took a bet on a company called Africa Oil Corporation. Through a slight chuckle, Guindo ticks off the reasons his boss rejected it: "Small oil and gas company, sub-billion-dollar market cap. I was eight or nine months in. A fellow analyst had put him on to the stock. Having worked on several billion-dollar deals while with Barclays, Guindo already had an affinity for the oil and gas area.

There were widespread reports of growth in demand for wood products; a contact in the Philadelphia District noted the best growth prospects in five years, a sawmill in Montana restarted production after idling for more than four years, and a Dallas District lumber firm noted a seasonal demand increase for the first time in several years. Louis, and Minneapolis. Louis and Dallas Districts plan to expand operations or make significant capital expenditures. Electronic equipment and instruments manufacturers in the Philadelphia District and high tech firms in the Kansas City District noted gains over the reporting period, while reports on high tech orders in the Dallas District were mixed across customer groups, and semiconductor firms in the Boston District said sales continued to languish. Gains were reported by food manufacturers in the Philadelphia and Dallas Districts, and food contacts in the St. Strength in residential construction spurred manufacturing increases in several Districts. The auto industry remained a source of strength for several Districts, including Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, St. In the Cleveland District, suppliers to the shale gas industry cited strong activity, and increased activity in natural-gas related industries was seen in the Chicago District.In contrast, coal production fell in the Cleveland, Richmond, St. Drilling activity for crude oil and natural gas expanded further in the Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Kansas City Districts and was steady in the Richmond and Dallas Districts. Louis, and Kansas City Districts, and was expected to decline further with a shift in demand toward low-priced natural gas and stricter environmental regulations. Future drilling activity was expected to rise in the Cleveland, Kansas City, and Dallas Districts, and Atlanta noted capital spending at Gulf of Mexico ports was expected to increase export capacity for oil refineries. Minneapolis reported a slowdown in metal mining activity, and some facilities planned to further reduce production later in the year. Energy activity remained mixed with modest expansions in crude oil and natural gas exploration but slower mining activity. Ethanol production declined in the Minneapolis and Kansas City Districts but edged up in the Chicago District.

The Garden City Telegram first reported on the statement Monday and posted a video of it to YouTube. Alford apologized later that day, saying: "I was wrong, I regret my comments, and I sincerely apologize to anyone whom I have hurt.

"It used to be a used-car lot," Newell says. "I'm very impatient," says Guindo, "and I try to use it to my advantage. If I believe in something and I have done all of my work and my due diligence, then there should be no reason I shouldn't take that bet in a big way. After handshakes, Newell took Guindo and his traveling partner, Rob Mentnech, a development officer from Wyndham Hotels, to see a 2. Within an hour, he had agreed to buy the plot.

So I think we have to wait and see how this plays out. Everybody thinks Dodd-Frank is in full swing, so people want to dismantle something that's not even 100% enacted today. We are going to have to see what happens. The Volcker Rule is something that needs to be looked at. But when they have taxpayers backing up their deposits, and they're proprietary trading, there's some issues there. But the pendulum definitely swung a little too far against the dealers, in my opinion. They need to be able to proprietary trade.

Chicago retailers reported modest wholesale price increases for a number of products, with larger increases for meat, fresh produce, and leather. Cleveland and San Francisco noted an increase in prices for petroleum- based products such as gasoline, fertilizer and certain plastics, and contacts in the Chicago, Minneapolis, and Dallas Districts commented on increased transportation and fuel costs. Retail grocers in the San Francisco District reported relatively stable prices overall, but weather-related factors boosted fresh produce prices. Retail prices were steady or slightly rising in most Districts, although Richmond noted some slowing since the last report. Plans to increase selling prices were limited among most District contacts. Increased food costs pushed up restaurant menu prices in the Kansas City District, and restaurant owners expect these costs to remain elevated. Builders in the Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, Kansas City, and San Francisco Districts cited an increase in construction material costs, particularly for lumber, drywall, and steel. Atlanta service industry contacts noted that stronger sales were likely to put upward pressure on prices over the next year. The majority of Districts reported that price pressures remained modest, but some input costs continued to rise.

San Francisco noted somewhat soft sales for traditional retail grocers, whose competition has increased from discount and online retailers. Contacts in several Districts reported a shift in sales activity from local malls to the Internet and indicated deep discounting among retailers was becoming increasingly common.

Consider, for instance, his gesture at Carrollton's first Oil Baron's Ball in 2013, which was held to raise money for the the Carroll County Arts Center. But for Shaw, the windfall has also given him a chance to invest in Carroll County and his neighbors, in small ways and large. The gala drew 200 guests, with some of the men in ten-gallon hats and cowboy boots and many of the women in gowns seemingly off the set of Dallas
. During the event's auction, Shaw bid $5,000 on a necklace for his wife — even though she told him she didn't want it. "The money goes to the arts center," he said over her protests.

Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts suggest overall economic activity expanded at a moderate pace during the reporting period from late February to early April. Most Districts noted increases in manufacturing activity since the previous report. Particular strength was seen in industries tied to residential construction and automobiles, while several Districts reported uncertainty or weakness in defense-related sectors. Louis, Minneapolis, and Kansas City Districts was characterized as growing at a moderate pace, while the Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco Districts noted modest growth. The New York and Dallas Districts indicated that the pace of expansion accelerated slightly since the previous Beige Book. Activity in the Cleveland, Richmond, St. Consumer spending grew modestly, and firms in some Districts cited higher gasoline prices, expiration of the payroll tax cut, and winter weather as factors restraining sales growth. Retailers in several Districts expect continued sales growth in the near term. Overall vehicle sales remained strong or increased, but sales of used automobiles declined in some Districts. Travel and tourism expanded across most reporting Districts, boosted by both business and leisure travel.We don't want him for our governor," said Frisby, the local county chairman for the liberal group MoveOn, acknowledging that Kobach's affiliation with the Trumps probably helps him because Kansas is "red to the bone. "We need to get rid of him.

Affidavits also accuse the prosecutor in the case, Terra Morehead, of intimidating witnesses who told her McIntyre was not the killer, and then not informing the defense about those statements. Dexter Burdette, had a romantic relationship with Morehead before the trial that neither disclosed at the time. And the presiding judge, Wyandotte County District Judge J.

It's a different world in which people have to manage their risk more. Today it's different, whether it's the political landscape in the US or geopolitical events around the world. And we are a very cost-effective way for people to manage their risk. For us that bodes well because we're in the risk-management business. So they are constantly looking at our markets, using our markets on a more frequent basis, versus maybe 10 years ago when you'd put risk on for like six months and feel very comfortable.

Dupree is establishing a conviction integrity unit within his office. , with his mother, Rosie McIntyre, after Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark A. (Tammy Ljungblad /The Kansas City Star via AP, File) 13, 2017, file photo, Lamonte McIntyre, who was imprisoned for 23 years for a 1994 double murder in Kansas that he always said he didn't commit, walks out of a courthouse in Kansas City, Kan. That is essentially a watchdog that works to prevent, identify and correct false convictions.

Some are the first women to hold the top prosecutor job in their communities, and some are the first African-American or the first Hispanic elected to it - although that alone does not define them, said Miriam Krinsky, the executive director of Fair and Just Prosecution.

Stronger refinancing activity was cited by the New York and Atlanta Districts. Reports on mortgage lending were mostly favorable. The Cleveland and Kansas City Districts noted a shift from mortgage refinancing to new purchases, and the New York, Richmond, Dallas, and San Francisco Districts reported an uptick in residential mortgage loans.

Steve Alford, from the western Kansas town of Ulysses, faced calls on social media to leave office altogether from critics who saw his remarks as racist. And a black House member said Alford should resign from the Legislature.

Contacts at factories in the Cleveland District reported that demand increased a bit on balance. Manufacturing activity grew at a moderate pace in Boston, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Manufacturing activity expanded in most Districts. Reports regarding new orders and shipments in the Philadelphia District suggested some further slowing moving forward. However, a manufacturer in the Boston District indicated that congestion at West Coast ports had impeded its exports. Manufacturing shipments and new orders grew modestly in the Richmond District. Minneapolis and Kansas City reported that manufacturing activity increased only slightly during the reporting period. Philadelphia reported that manufacturing activity grew at a modest pace during the current reporting period, with a slight slowdown relative to the previous period. Activity in the auto industry in the Chicago District remained a source of strength for the region. Atlanta reported that manufacturing activity strengthened overall.

When you talk about technology, everyone is now relying on technology to tell them what to do. Let me go back a second. I want the innovation to come from here [points at head]. One of the things I'm trying to focus on with my group is, when you talk about innovation, I don't want to go and Google something and say I innovated.

According to the Philadelphia District, most of their financial industry contacts reported continued improvements in their customers' overall credit quality and in their own loan portfolios. Contacts reported little change in their own lending standards. Credit quality generally remained good, with overall reductions in loan delinquencies. However, high rates of severely distressed mortgages persisted in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. However, several Districts commented that their contacts indicated that stiff competition for high-quality borrowers was leading to lower underwriting standards among lenders more generally.

Geologists believe the sand and water injected underground during fracking may have increased pressure to microfault areas. The flurry of seismic activity recently prompted a state agency to link it to fracturing. As a result, drillers near known faults now face more stringent permit regulations.

Burdette is still on the bench. Golubski, Morehead and Burdette have never been disciplined over those issues. Morehead is now a federal prosecutor. All three either declined or did not respond to requests for comment. Golubski retired from law enforcement last year.Besides planting corn and soybeans, he has had 50 to 100 dairy cows producing much of his income. He's owned farmland north of Carrollton since 1978. "If we had another one like that, there would be nobody milking cows in the United Stated today. But in 2009, milk prices across the nation fell. "The consensus was that anyone who milked cows lost between $500 to $1,000 per cow. We milked 100 cows and we lost $50,000," says Kiko, 65, who owns about 300 acres. It worried him that he would have to sell his farm rather than pass it down to his son. Such a possibility caught Roger Kiko by surprise. " The downturn came as Kiko started thinking about retiring. That spooked everybody.

He has excoriated this year's state tax increase, promised to cut government and declared that just because lawmakers appropriate tax dollars, a governor does not have to spend them. In his campaign, Kobach remains an abortion opponent and gun-rights advocate.

He joked he wasn't going to let me hurt "my Terry. Upon visiting the CME Group office in New York on January 11 to speak with Duffy, chairman and CEO at the $40 billion exchange group, I had a security guard scope me out.

28, 2017, in Overland Park, Kan. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) , right, and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach shake hands during a fundraiser for Kobach's campaign for governor Tuesday, Nov.

Bryan Shaw has one of them. " He will say, "I am an opportunist. He grew up around Carrollton, wrestled for the high school, and for years has owned several different local companies, including a publisher of Yellow Page directories. He made a nice profit when he sold that business in 2005. He also owns 1,400 acres, much of which he leased to the oil drillers for $2,500 an acre. If they did, they're lying. Because if you actually would have known, you would have been out buying everything under the sun. But at the beginning of the oil play I had no idea. He won't say how much he has cleared, just that he has been "very fortunate.

And Kobach's critics worry about independent and third-party candidates improving his chances of winning in November with less than a majority. Because Kansas has no runoffs, a Republican could win the nomination in a crowded primary with only a dedicated base of supporters.

Sounds like it will be pumping crude from sunrise to sundown. Guindo saw a different way to make money on the oil boom, and Drill Capital — his nascent asset management firm — is his vehicle. And Carrollton, Ohio, the county seat of rural Carroll County, is his first stop. Drill Capital is the name of his company. Not so, or at least not right now.

The crime is no different than any other place around the world. Duffy:
Chicago, it's a fabulous place. There are a lot of beautiful areas in Chicago. Chicago gets a lot of notoriety about the crime. Unfortunately, we have it, but it's like anything else, it's concentrated in certain areas. It's not rampant in the city.

Last year 29 conviction integrity units were scattered in prosecutorial offices across the nation, more than double the number in 2013, according to The National Registry of Exonerations. Such units account for 70 of the record 166 exonerations recorded last year.

But under the House rules, if a member or members files a formal complaint, Ryckman must appoint an investigating committee to make recommendations on whether a member should be censured or removed. However, no lawmaker has talked publicly so far of filing a complaint against Alford.

His early campaign for governor has sounded themes similar to those President Donald Trump emphasized last year on the campaign trail. Kobach is advising the White House and is serving as vice chairman of a presidential commission on election fraud, boosting his national profile as an advocate of tough voter ID and immigration policies.

Cossins was part of a group of about a dozen young counter-protesters on the opposite side of the street, holding a pro-Trump banner. He likes Kobach's advocacy of tough policies against illegal immigration. Cossins wore the red "Make America Great Again" cap associated with the elder Trump's presidential campaign.

"He is very clear on who he is and what his identity is. "He understands his market, and he courts his market," said state Rep. Stephanie Clayton, a moderate Overland Park Republican who dislikes Kobach.

Hours before Trump was scheduled to appear Friday night at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the atmosphere inside a campus arena was crackling as protesters and supporters shouted back and forth, arms raised and yelling in each other's faces.

Sam Brownback's experiment in cutting income taxes had ended in failure, opening the door to a more moderate agenda. But now an even more aggressively conservative figure could win next year's race for governor. A year ago, many voters concluded that Republican Gov.

The Philadelphia District reported a modest pace of growth for commercial real estate leasing activity, and Boston reported improving conditions in commercial real estate markets overall. Commercial real estate activity expanded in most Districts. Demand for apartments in the Dallas District also remained strong. Activity grew modestly in the Philadelphia District and a bit faster in the Atlanta and Chicago Districts. New York City's co-op and condo market showed continued strength in the final quarter of 2014; apartment sales volume was down from the exceptionally high levels of the prior year but still fairly brisk, while selling prices were up moderately. Commercial construction activity increased in most Districts. The Dallas District noted that office leasing activity remained strong, but one contact noted a slight pullback in demand from oil and gas firms. Commercial builders in the Cleveland District reported a moderate to robust increase for projects in the pipeline. San Francisco reported that multifamily residential construction was strong in many areas of that District and that retail, office, industrial, or infrastructure projects were widespread across that District. Atlanta cited the multifamily residential segment as a source of growth, while Chicago credited demand for industrial and office buildings. Dallas reported that overall commercial construction was strong. Commercial real estate activity in the Chicago and Kansas City Districts expanded at a moderate pace.They can let their winnings be invested and thereby collect 30 annual payments totaling an estimated $533 million, or take their third of $983. 2 million to land on all the numbers: 4-8-19-27-34 and Powerball 10. 5 million in cash all at once. They overcame odds of 1 in 292.

Whether it's Kansas City, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, we all need to do our part to make it a little bit better. But could they be a little bit better than they are now? I'm very passionate about this. Will they all be what they were at one point in time?

They signed the deal; they were richer than they ever dreamed. Kiko and his partners waited until Rex Oil offered $3,500 an acre, along with royalties equaling 20 percent of the gross on future oil returns. As bids came in for $100 an acre, $500 an acre, $1,000 acre, the farmers held out.

Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts suggest that national economic activity continued to expand during the reporting period of mid-November through late December, with most Districts reporting a "modest" or "moderate" pace of growth. Consumer spending increased in most Districts, with generally modest year-over-year gains in retail sales. The Dallas District indicated that growth slowed slightly during the reporting period and that several contacts expressed concern about the effect of lower oil prices on the District economy. The pace of growth of demand for nonfinancial services varied widely across Districts and across sectors, but appeared to be moderate on balance. Manufacturing activity expanded in most Districts. However, most of their contacts, along with those of several other Districts, expect somewhat faster growth over the coming months. Auto sales showed moderate to strong growth. Demand for business and consumer credit grew. In contrast, the Kansas City District reported only slight growth in December. Single-family residential real estate sales and construction were largely flat on balance across the Districts, while commercial real estate activity expanded. Payrolls in a variety of sectors expanded moderately during the reporting period. Travel and tourism picked up during the reporting period. Overall demand for energy-related products and services weakened somewhat, while the output of energy-related products increased. Prices increased slightly, on balance, in most Districts. Agricultural conditions were mixed. Credit quality improved a bit further overall. Significant wage pressures were largely limited to workers with specialized technical skills.

"When my wife and I moved here, this was like going back to the 1950s. People not only left their car windows open, but they left their keys in, too," says Feezel, whose full-time work is in information technology. It is not the kind we are becoming. "That was the kind of community we used to have.

Trucking traffic picked up in the Kansas City District, and trucking cargo volumes were above year ago levels according to Atlanta's report. According to Richmond's report, container traffic increased at larger ports in the District because of continued strength in shipments of auto parts. Railroad contacts in the Dallas District said shipments grew, particularly for petroleum and construction-related products, and freight transportation volumes were higher than expected in the Cleveland District. Air travel improved in the Dallas District, in part due to spring-break related activity. Transportation service activity increased since the previous report. Air freight volumes rose in the Atlanta District, and small parcel shipments grew strongly in the Dallas District. However, railroad shipments were flat to slightly down in the Atlanta District, and a contact in the Richmond District said that European-bound vessels were leaving the port lighter than in the past, particularly due to a decline in construction and agricultural equipment exports. Intermodal cargo volumes moved higher in the Atlanta and Dallas Districts, and activity at logistics and transport firms in the Philadelphia District grew at a moderate rate.

I think it is too early to determine what is going to happen. That, I think, will not happen. Everything that is in the financial-services industry is what it is right now. Duffy:
As far as regulations go, I am not anticipating any changes in the near term. What I think people are not talking about are new regulations.

(AP) - A white Kansas lawmaker who suggested at a public forum that blacks were predisposed to abusing drugs resigned from two legislative committee leadership jobs on Tuesday but did not give up his seat in the Legislature.

Peck said in a committee hearing that perhaps the state had found a solution "to our illegal immigration problem. Virgil Peck, a Republican from southeastern Kansas, in response to a proposal to control the state's feral hog population by allowing the swine to be shot from helicopters. There was no such investigation in 2011 over a remark by then-Rep.

Sales declined somewhat on a year-over-year basis in the Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Dallas Districts. San Francisco reported that overall home sales picked up in December. Single-family residential real estate sales and construction were largely flat on balance across the Districts. Home prices increased modestly, on balance, in the Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas Districts. Richmond reported a modest increase in housing market activity. The Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Kansas City Districts all reported slightly slower single-family residential construction activity. However, builders of new homes in the Philadelphia District reported weak traffic for prospective buyers and fewer contract signings. In the Philadelphia District, year-over-year existing home sales finished lower in November, but pending December sales in some areas were up notably over December 2013. However, the pace of single-family home construction increased in some areas of the San Francisco District.Kobach noted in resisting their release that the Kansas Open Records Act would not require their disclosure, but Robinson pointed out that the state law "does not prohibit disclosure either. " Kobach also argued that making the documents public would hurt his ability to advise the president, an argument Robinson rejected.

In contrast, drought conditions affected the Richmond, Atlanta, and San Francisco Districts, as well as parts of the Dallas District. Agricultural conditions were mixed across the Districts. Dry weather delayed tree harvests in Richmond, even as Christmas orders picked up. Livestock operations were more profitable than a year ago; but with crop yields generally at above-average to record-high levels, lower crop prices were depressing farm incomes. Compared with a year ago, prices were lower for corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay, but higher for milk, dairy, poultry, hogs, cattle, and tomatoes. Livestock producers benefited from lower feed costs, and Chicago and Kansas City noted expansions in cattle herds. Harvests were ahead of their normal pace in most Districts reporting on agriculture. However, excess moisture delayed harvests in some Districts, affected the quality of cotton in the Dallas District, and damaged wheat and barley crops in the San Francisco District. Richmond and San Francisco reported increased exports of agricultural products, but Dallas reported lower dairy exports.

There are maybe three or four guys, from Adam Dunn to Prince Fielder, that I consider the true home-run hitters. "I want to get back to being an athlete," he said. "Am I going to go out there and hit 40 home runs?

As Kansas' top elections official since 2011, he won passage of strict voter ID laws, which resulted in multiple voting-rights lawsuits. Kobach first gained national attention more than a decade ago as a law professor who drafted state and local policies against illegal immigration, including Arizona's "show your papers" law.

Cleveland auto dealers credited milder-than-normal weather and pent-up demand for the robust sales growth. Most Districts reporting on auto sales noted solid or strong increases in sales, with the exception of mixed activity in the St. New automobile sales remained solid in the San Francisco District, driven by demand to replace older vehicles and low financing rates. The New York District reported wholesale and retail auto credit conditions as positive, with one contact noting increasingly aggressive lenders. Most Districts' contacts were cautiously optimistic about future auto sales. Chicago and Minneapolis contacts reported an increase in activity for auto service departments due to inclement weather. Louis District and a seasonal slowdown in the Dallas District. Auto dealers in the Philadelphia District attributed the strong sales in New Jersey to the continued effect of Hurricane Sandy.

That's where we are at today. Maybe Reg NMS needs to be called something else and modified and changed a little bit. I think it needs to be revisited. Yes, there should be some changes so that regulations are up to date with the markets.

Aside from reports of increases in home prices and residential construction materials, price pressures remained mostly subdued across Districts. Employment conditions remained unchanged or improved somewhat, and reports of hiring were most prevalent in the manufacturing, residential construction, information technology, and professional services sectors. Wage pressures were generally contained, although several Districts cited upward pressures in occupations experiencing labor shortages, such as information technology, construction, and engineering.

Alford, a farmer, was first elected to the House in 2010 and became chairman of its Children and Seniors Committee in January 2017. He also was chairman of the child welfare task force last year; its top post rotated to the Senate this year.

The 75-year-old Alford said marijuana and other drugs were prohibited partly because blacks responded "the worst" to the drugs "because of their character makeup - their genetics and that. " None of the roughly 60 people in the crowd was black.

While he understands the allure of drilling to the local economy — he too has leased part of his land to the drillers — Feezel worries that the increase in Carroll Country crime, traffic and noise could permanently scar the area's charm.

(AP) - A Kansas prosecutor has asked for help in investigating a retired white police detective accused of preying on black women for sex over decades and pursuing the wrongful murder conviction of the son of one of the women.

Until recently, many observers were betting that Kansas would seek moderation - not the most explosive conservative option available. It's a remarkable scenario for a state supposedly weary of ideological drama.

The overall output of energy-related products increased. The Kansas City and Dallas Districts reported that demand for oilfield services decreased, while the Atlanta District reported that growth in the supply of crude oil and natural gas continued to outpace demand growth. The pace of coal production in the St. Overall demand for energy-related products and services weakened somewhat during the reporting period. The Cleveland District reported that natural gas extraction activity remained at a high level. Louis District during the reporting period exceeded that of the same period in 2013, and year-to-date coal production in the Cleveland District slightly exceeded prior year levels. However, contacts in the San Francisco District reported that energy demand from manufacturers was solid. Natural gas production in the Richmond District increased moderately during the reporting period, and the number of natural gas rigs in the Kansas City District increased. Oil drilling activity in the Kansas City District declined, and contacts expect that District's energy sector to slow further in response to lower energy prices. The rate of coal production in the Richmond District remained slow during the reporting period.Home prices were rising in many areas of the country. Most Districts said residential and commercial real estate improved markedly since the last report. Loan demand was steady to slightly up in most Districts. Oil and natural gas activity remained robust over the reporting period, with contacts in the Cleveland, Kansas City, and Dallas Districts expecting a rise in activity in coming months, while coal production continued to decline. Reports on agricultural conditions were mixed, as drought or cold weather adversely impacted some Districts while others reported a strong agricultural sector. Demand for nonfinancial services increased at a modest pace, and several Districts noted growth in freight and transportation services.

Democrats are split over how liberal their nominee must be on issues such as abortion to energize the party's base, and consultants and activists are waging a fierce and increasingly bitter feud over internal leadership disputes.

The second weekend in June is the annual AIDS walk. This walk has been taken place every year for 15 years and raises money for AIDS awareness as well as a cure. There is an entry fee for the walk and all proceeds go to charity. It is held at Theis Park and is open to the public.

The Chicago District said consumer spending increased at a slower rate, while Cleveland and Atlanta noted mixed sales activity. Sales strengthened in the Philadelphia and Richmond Districts, and retail sales were higher than a year ago in the Boston, St. Many District contacts commented on the expired payroll tax holiday and the Affordable Care Act as having restrained sales growth. Louis, and Minneapolis Districts. Contacts in several Districts reported a shift in sales activity from local malls to the Internet and indicated deep discounting among retailers was becoming increasingly common. Many Districts noted rising gasoline prices and fiscal policy as having a negative effect on consumer sales, and contacts in the Boston, New York, and Minneapolis Districts said severe weather depressed sales somewhat. Kansas City said retail sales decreased since the previous survey period and were expected to remain flat in the months ahead. San Francisco noted somewhat soft sales for traditional retail grocers, whose competition has increased from discount and online retailers. Consumer spending expanded in most Districts, but several Districts reported mixed or lower activity among non-auto retailers. San Francisco reported modest growth in sales, Dallas noted flat to slightly higher sales activity, and New York said retail sales were strong in January but slowed in February primarily due to weather.

Dupree shocked those attending a court hearing on Oct. 13 when he said there had been "manifest injustice" in the conviction of Lamonte McIntyre for the 1994 murders of two men, when he was a teenager. A judge let McIntyre go free after 23 years in prison.

16, 2017 photo,Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach discusses his run for governor during an interview at the Johnson County Republican Party's headquarters in Overland Park, Kan. Kobach's critics are wondering how to stop him because of his national profile and solid political base on the right(AP Photo/John Hanna)

The ACLU's lawsuit contends that the Kansas requirement conflicts with the National Voter Registration Act, and proposed changes from Kobach could be seen as bolstering the ACLU's case. Kobach has championed the proof-of-citizenship requirement as an anti-fraud measure, while the ACLU and other critics say it suppresses turnout.

There is always something happening in this Midwestern city. There are stock car races, poker tournaments, hayrides and other fun events going on at different times of the year when you visit Kansas City, Kansas.

It reports fourth quarter earnings on February 2. With a market capitalization of close to $40 billion, it is more valuable than Intercontinental Exchange, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange ($34 billion), Nasdaq ($11 billion) and local rival Chicago Board Options Exchange ($6 billion).

Inventories were generally reported to be in line with sales. Reports on capital expenditures, both current and planned, were generally positive. Freight companies in the Cleveland District were holding to plans to gradually replace an aging fleet and expand capacity. Boston and Cleveland reported that retailers were investing in IT equipment and software to support e-commerce. Manufacturers in several Districts were expanding capital budgets both to replace existing equipment and to expand capacity. Richmond and Chicago noted some precautionary inventory building by retailers and manufacturers as insurance against another harsh winter. Districts reporting on business spending noted some improvement overall. Louis and Minneapolis noted an increase in planned capital spending by service-sector firms. Cleveland, Richmond, Chicago, and Dallas cited an increase in mergers and acquisitions.In the past, Francoeur has shown he could hit with authority, field with finesse and inspire in the clubhouse. Moore brought in Francoeur, now 26, to play right field in what the Royals' general manager views as a team that is about to reap the results of a rejuvenated farm system.

But the confrontations began to escalate this month, most notably at a Trump event in New Orleans. A steady stream of demonstrators interrupted Trump's speech, including a huddle of Black Lives Matter activists, who locked arms and challenged security officials to remove them.

Employment gains were widespread across Districts, and Districts reporting on business spending generally noted some improvement. Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts suggest that national economic activity continued to expand in October and November. Manufacturing activity strengthened in most Districts. Lending typically held steady or increased. Demand for nonfinancial services generally increased. Most crop prices were lower than last year, but livestock prices were higher. Energy and mining activity was higher on net, though lower oil prices were a concern for the oil industry in the Atlanta and Dallas Districts. Construction and real estate activity expanded overall, but at a pace that varied by sector and by District. Crop yields were generally good, although overly wet or dry conditions were an issue in some Districts. Overall price and wage inflation remained subdued. Consumer Spending and Tourism A number of Districts also noted that contacts remained optimistic about the outlook for future economic activity. Consumer spending continued to advance in most Districts, and reports on tourism were mostly positive.

Some of the protesters, many of whom said they supported Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, said they planned to rush the stage when Trump came out to speak. They didn't get the chance, as Trump called off the rally before even getting to the venue.

318; Ramirez, Cleveland, . 315; Reddick, Houston, . 347; Garcia, Chicago, . 308; Trout, Los Angeles, . 306; Mauer, Minnesota, . 314; Abreu, Chicago, . BATTING_Altuve, Houston, . 301; Gonzalez, Houston, . 305; Cain, Kansas City, . 329; Hosmer, Kansas City, .

In this March 14, 2017 photo, Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark A. After asking in October that charges against Lamonte McIntyre, convicted in a 1994 double murder, be dismissed because of "manifest injustice," Dupree is establishing a conviction integrity unit within his office. (David Eulitt /The Kansas City Star via AP) speaks at a news conference in Kansas City, Kan. He is also calling for an investigation into the now retired white police detective Roger Golubski that led the investigation against McIntyre who was imprisoned for 23 years on the conviction.

Officials are aware of the dangers of not fixing the problem. In that case, natural gas migrated from the Yaggy Storage Field northwest of Hutchinson and shot up through unplugged salt brine wells. A series of explosions in 2001 in Hutchinson involving leaking natural gas from another company's underground storage field killed two people and damaged the city.

While Trump sometimes appears angered by the disruptions, he has also embraced them, using the interruptions as opportunities to lead his supporters in chants of "USA, USA. " He's also joked about how the protesters force TV cameras to pan out over the crowd and show how large they are.

Consulting services remained strong in the Boston District, and firms in the Dallas District noted strength in accounting services. Louis District noted plans for hiring and expansion in social and legal services, while the Dallas District report indicated weaker-than-expected growth in demand for legal services. Activity expanded for professional and business services, such as accounting, advertising, marketing, consulting, and legal services. Advertising and marketing firms in the Boston District said an uptick in growth for their services was buoyed by stronger financial positions of clients.

After Brownback persuaded the Republican-controlled Legislature to slash income taxes in 2012, Kansas struggled to balance its budget. The state's recent financial woes offered a warning about how not to practice trickle-down economics.

After the election, Kobach met with Trump and proposed a homeland security plan that included federal registration and "extreme vetting" for some immigrants and changes in federal voting laws to encourage state "proof of citizenship" requirements for new voters, like Kansas has.

At the meeting, The 75-year-old Alford argued against legalizing any use of marijuana. He suggested it and other drugs were originally outlawed in part because blacks were "basically users" and "responded worst" to the drugs because of their "character makeup - their genetics and that.

You would surely experience the high level of excitement among the players of this team. They are going to show a different match this season which shouldn�t be missed at any cost. You should get your sports tickets quickly before the house full because people are curious about their performance this season, which is filled with lots of surprises. Obtain the best matches live in the stadium and don�t lose the real taste of excitement while seeing the matches at home. Chiefs are very well recognized football team which has always shown wonderful performance.TV Network Pool via AP Secret Service agent rushes onto stage to form a protective ring around Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after someone tried to rush the stage as he spoke at a campaign rally at Wright Brothers Aero Hangar for a rally, Saturday, March 12, 2016, in Vandalia, Ohio.

(AP) - The Latest on a Kansas state lawmaker's remarks that marijuana and other drugs originally were outlawed in part because blacks "responded worst" to them because of "genetics and that" (all times local):

The next morning, a protester rushed the stage at a Trump rally outside of Dayton, forcing Secret Service agents to leap on stage and form a protective circle around him. On Friday, groupings of well-organized students succeeded in keeping Trump from even taking the stage at a rally in Chicago.

In some cases, checks are one-fifth less than what they had been. But recently, as natural gas prices have dropped, so too have the monthly royalty checks. Like those in Carroll County, farmers in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, in the northeast corner of the state, went from fear of losing their land to becoming millionaires when drillers leased their property and drilled through the Marcellus Shale for oil and gas. As a result, residents are considering taking legal action against the company. Some property owners also are complaining that one company, Chesapeake, is deducting costs from royalty checks that they had not anticipated.

The only NASCAR team headquartered west of the Mississippi River went through years of fits and starts, with team owner Barney Visser often pouring gobs of his own money into the project. And things didn't look as if they were getting much better when Truex came aboard for the 2014 season.

Hundreds of officers massed inside to block some exits and sweep the audience out after the event ended. At the Cleveland rally, more than a dozen officers on horseback patrolled the outside as police helicopters buzzed overhead.

Dallas District contacts said office and warehouse markets were improving, and Atlanta District respondents noted growing optimism for the office and industrial sectors. Contacts in the Philadelphia and Kansas City Districts were somewhat optimistic in their outlooks for the commercial real estate and construction markets in general, but contacts in the Cleveland District were cautious about near-term construction activity.

Kansas City said retail sales decreased since the previous survey period and were expected to remain flat in the months ahead. Many District contacts commented on the expired payroll tax holiday and the Affordable Care Act as having restrained sales growth.

There is a $5 fee for attending the Rockabilly Festival. Rockabilly is one of the earliest forms of Rock and Roll. New performers play this 50s style music at the festival and are often joined by some of the more famous. The festival also features food and there is non stop entertainment throughout the weekend. Visit Theis Park for the annual Rockabilly Festival that is held the second weekend in July.

New York indicated that tourism was generally steady at a high level, with Broadway theater attendance and revenues moderately higher than a year ago. Early-winter weather conditions boosted activity in Richmond and Minneapolis as some ski resorts were able to open early. In contrast, tourism activity decreased further in the Kansas City District, but was expected to improve modestly in coming months. Richmond and San Francisco reported rising hotel occupancy rates and Philadelphia noted an increase in hotel revenues. Tourism reports were mostly positive for the reporting period. Contacts in the Atlanta District noted an increase in the number of domestic and international visitors relative to last year and strong advance bookings for hotels and conferences for the first half of 2015.

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Kobach is the leading Kansas for governor because of his solid base on the right and his national visibility. 16, 2017 photo, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach answers questions about his run for the Republican nomination for governor during an interview at the Johnson County Republican Party's headquarters in Overland Park, Kan.

You never knew there were so many different kinds of rabbits. Inside the rabbit and bird complex you can find chickens of many different and quite interesting varieties. After the buildings that are a temporary home to these mammals the birds have some real estate of their own. There are also ducks, geese and pigeons of lots of different sizes and shapes.

"We just kind of developed a close relationship coming up through the Minors," Francoeur recalled. ' and bugging him about that. "Many times I used to call him and say, 'Why am I not up in Double-A already? But he was always very forward and truthful with me, and that always went a long way with me.HOME RUNS_Judge, New York, 50; KDavis, Oakland, 42; Gallo, Texas, 39; Cruz, Seattle, 38; Encarnacion, Cleveland, 38; Moustakas, Kansas City, 38; Smoak, Toronto, 38; Morrison, Tampa Bay, 37; Upton, Los Angeles, 35; Springer, Houston, 34.

Reports from the Dallas district said that energy outlooks for the first half of 2015 in Texas are "very uncertain and significantly weaker than in the prior reporting period, with firms expecting anywhere from a 15 to 40 percent decline in demand for their services.

He not only was the author of tough voter ID laws, but persuaded the Republican-controlled Kansas Legislature in 2015 to make him the only chief state elections officer with the power to prosecute election fraud causes. He is seeking the GOP nomination for governor next year. Kobach is a conservative Republican elected Kansas secretary of state in 2010 and re-elected in 2014.

(AP) - Martin Truex Jr. already looks like the coolest cat at the club, with his shades and scruff and disarming smile, yet he has even more reason to be relaxed and confident at Kansas Speedway this weekend.

The next morning, Trump was mid-speech when a man, later identified by authorities as Thomas Dimassimo of Fairborn, Ohio, jumped a barricade and rushed at Trump. He was able to touch the stage before he was tackled by security officials.

Things weren't much different at Trump's evening rally in Kansas City, Missouri, where protesters interrupted the candidate throughout his speech. While he asked his supporters not to hurt them, a visibly annoyed Trump also said he was "going to start pressing charges against all these people.

Guindo had done his homework on Carrollton. He knew the number of drillers coming into town. He had called the Days Inn — his would-be competitor — several times checking on room availability and regularly finding it was booked to capacity.

But the legalization question has been percolating in Kansas in recent years. Kansas is one of the few remaining states that haven't legalized some form of medical marijuana, including low-THC marijuana derivatives that can't get a user high.

After months spent goading protesters and appearing to encourage violence, Trump has seen his raucous rallies devolve over the past two weeks into events at which chaos is expected. The real estate mogul is routinely unable to deliver a speech without interruption, and a heavy security presence is commonplace amid increasingly violent clashes between protesters and supporters.

Overall prices in the Cleveland, Chicago, and Dallas Districts were largely stable. Businesses in the Atlanta District continued to report little input cost pressure and limited pricing power. Overall prices increased modestly in the Kansas City and San Francisco Districts. Contacts in the Philadelphia District reported little change to the steady, slight pace of price increases. The Cleveland District reported scattered indications of declining prices for petroleum-based products and some metals. Prices increased slightly, on balance, in most Districts during the reporting period. However, several Districts reported that the cost of a variety of construction materials increased. The Richmond District reported that retail prices grew at a slower pace than in the previous reporting period, while price inflation in the non-retail service sector increased slightly. Boston indicated that cost pressures varied, with selective price increases planned by some respondents.

The result nevertheless sent confidence soaring, and the team broke its 69-race winless drought at Pocono that summer - and quite simply never looked back. But the team kept grinding and the following year dominated the spring race at Kansas before a poor pit stop shuffled him back.

No physical evidence linked McIntyre to the crime, and he did not know the victims. The case rested on contradictory and coerced testimony that police and the prosecutor at the time allegedly knew to be false.

Many Districts reported a rise in temporary employees, while staffing contacts in the Boston District noted an increase in the placement of permanent and temporary-to- permanent workers. Louis noted weakness in healthcare services and information technology positions, and Cleveland reported reduced hiring plans from commercial builders and coal operators. Auto dealers in the Cleveland and Kansas City Districts mentioned plans to hire more workers, and Dallas noted robust hiring activity for experienced corporate, energy, and intellectual property lawyers. Labor market conditions generally improved, although several Districts reported restrained hiring. Some Districts indicated a shortage of skilled workers such as engineers, truck drivers, software developers, and technical jobs, and Atlanta noted a lack of compliance specialists due to heavier regulations in the healthcare industry. Wage pressures were minimal in most Districts, but contacts reported some upward pressure for several skilled positions as a result of higher demand. Employers in several Districts cited the unknown effects of the Affordable Care Actas reasons for planned layoffs and reluctance to hire more staff. Positions in the manufacturing industry increased in the New York, Richmond, and Chicago Districts, although several Chicago manufacturers expressed plans to either invest in more productive capital or adjust the hours of existing employees prior to hiring new workers.6, 2018, in Kansas City, Mo. Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota celebrates with fans after the team's NFL wild-card playoff football game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, Jan. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Firms in the New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, St. Most Districts reported increases in retail spending. Sales of electronics rose in the Cleveland District, and the San Francisco District report indicated strong demand for mobile computing devices. Most retailers in the Boston District said demand was slower than expected. Demand for apparel rose in the Boston, Cleveland, Kansas City, and San Francisco Districts, and sales of furniture and appliances in the Chicago District were buoyed by improvements in the housing market. In particular, the St. Sales activity was mixed according to the Atlanta District's report, and retail spending declined in the Richmond and Chicago Districts. Louis District reported new store openings, and some retailers in the Dallas District said they have added employees in line with expanding operations. Contacts in some Districts cited higher gasoline prices, expiration of the payroll tax cut, and winter weather as factors restraining sales growth. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco Districts noted sales increased at a modest to moderate pace. Looking ahead, retailers in several Districts expect modest sales growth in the near term.

The lucky trio did not immediately identify themselves, but they bought their tickets in the small working class town of Munford, Tennessee; in the quiet Los Angeles suburb of Chino Hills; and at a supermarket in affluent Melbourne Beach, on Florida's Space Coast.

He's especially good at Kansas, where he routinely runs up front and exorcised some bad luck with a victory in May. Then consider the fact that Truex always runs well at intermediate tracks, finishing in the top 10 in his last five starts with a trio of victories.

Kobach was photographed by The Associated Press bringing it to his meeting with Trump, and other portions became public through the photograph. The copy of Kobach's strategic homeland security plan for his meeting with Trump in November was redacted except for the portion dealing with federal voter registration law.

Busch and Jamie McMurray will make up Row 4, with Keselowski and Johnson are in the next couple rows. Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott will start side by side in Row 7. Truex will start alongside Kevin Harvick on Sunday, while Kenseth and Denny Hamlin make up the second round.

The Chicago District reported that overall hiring increased, and the Minneapolis District indicated that labor markets continued to tighten. Payrolls in a variety of sectors expanded moderately during the reporting period. Manufacturing payrolls also expanded in the Richmond and St. Contacts at staffing firms in the Philadelphia District reported continued moderate increases in hiring for both temporary and permanent positions. Labor demand in the Richmond District increased, and the Atlanta District saw job gains across most sectors. Payrolls increased at a modest pace in the Cleveland District, primarily in banking, freight services, and manufacturing. In contrast, the Boston District reported that manufacturers were not hiring. Reports of hiring in the Dallas District were slightly less widespread than in the previous reporting period, and a few energy firms in that District reported hiring freezes and layoffs.

Many Districts noted rising gasoline prices and fiscal policy as having a negative effect on consumer sales, and contacts in the Boston, New York, and Minneapolis Districts said severe weather depressed sales somewhat.

Steve Alford, a 75-year-old Republican from Ulysses, in the west of the state, made the comments Saturday during a public meeting at a hospital in Garden City. The Garden City Telegram first reported on the statement Monday and posted a video of it to YouTube.

Dozens of protesters would soon be ejected from the event. Hundreds of police officers, Secret Service agents and private security guards in cars, on foot and on horseback blanketed the area around Donald Trump's campaign rally Saturday afternoon.

General merchandise retailers in the New York District indicated that sales were largely sluggish and below plan for the holiday season. Sales were solid in Atlanta. In contrast, Philadelphia and San Francisco reported that high-end merchandise continued to sell well. Contacts reported slight to modest gains in the Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Cleveland Districts. Consumer spending increased in most Districts, with generally modest year-over-year gains in retail sales. Moderate holiday sales growth exceeded expectations in Chicago and met expectations in San Francisco. The Kansas City District reported that retail sales were lower than a year earlier, with a few retailer contacts noting a drop in sales of high-end products.

The second document contained five proposed changes to the National Voter Registration Act, two of which were blacked out in the copy unsealed Thursday. One item proposed adding a section saying, "Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent a state from requiring documentary proof of citizenship from any applicant.Additionally this covers the passenger for things such as rehabilitation and funeral costs, in addition to medical. Another benefit with this type of coverage that is required in Kansas City is how it pays the lawsuit that you have in the case that the other person did not have sufficient protection.

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Auto production increased in the Cleveland, Chicago, and St. Primary and fabricated metal manufacturers in the Philadelphia District experienced a slowdown in activity, and a structural steel manufacturer in the Minneapolis District planned to close. Louis Districts, and a Minneapolis contact noted that production increased faster than expected, spurring plans to renovate their plant. Louis and San Francisco Districts; household goods manufacturing in the Chicago District; cement manufacturing in the Dallas District; and general housing construction product manufacturing in the Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Boston Districts. Philadelphia and Dallas reported that food manufacturing activity also exceeded expectations during the current period. Louis, Kansas City, and Dallas Districts expected activity to improve over the next few months across a wide variety of industries. Expectations for future factory activity were generally more optimistic compared with the previous survey. Contacts in the Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Atlanta, St. Manufacturing related to residential construction was a source of strength for many Districts, including wood product manufacturing in the St. Durable manufacturing was weak in the Kansas City District, but non-durables-especially chemical manufacturing-improved.

With a couple of wells, Shaw has collected such checks, and he is happy to get them. "There is always the fear: Is this a flash in the pan? " He takes a breath, then asks, "Will the wells fizzle out in three years or will they run for 30? "The drill business seems to be getting more and more confident that it's not, but if you talk to them they still say this is in the beta stage and things are not proven out yet. But as a business person, he also has to look into the future. Right now business is good for many in Carroll County. Some residents with wells pumping on their properties receive monthly royalty checks of $5,000 to $10,000.

His visibility rose sharply after President Donald Trump appointed him to help lead a commission on election fraud. Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Harvard-, Yale- and Oxford-educated lawyer, leads a large field of likely candidates after building a national reputation as hardline provocateur on immigration and voter ID laws.

In 2002, Moore was in the Braves' front office and Francoeur was the club's first-round Draft choice. Francoeur was just 18, but Moore was impressed by the kid's passion for the game and his leadership potential.

We went back out there, moved the ball, scored some points and there you have it. "We weren't worried about it. We came in (at halftime) and we were like, 'They haven't done anything to stop us. ' We made some adjustments. "We fight to the end," Walker said.

"I take a lot of pride in the outfield, and it's always fun for me when a guy's at second and the ball's hit to me," he said. "You take it as a personal thing to throw the guy out at home or, even better, .

Willie Dove, a black Kansas City-area Republican, said Tuesday that he found Alford's comments "unbelievable" and previously, "There were no signs he felt that way. One NAACP leader later called Alford "an idiot" over the remarks.

District Judge Julie Robinson ordered a highly-edited version of the document unsealed Thursday in a voting-rights lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union. Robinson also ordered the unsealing of a second document, prepared by Kobach and circulated within the Kansas secretary of state's office, showing the text of proposed changes to federal law.

About half of the Districts reported an increase in home sales. Many Districts indicated that sales in the multifamily sector were stronger than sales in the single-family sector. Nonresidential construction rose in most Districts. Residential construction increased on balance across the Districts and multifamily construction remained stronger than single-family construction in a number of Districts. Industrial construction was particularly strong in the Cleveland, Chicago, and Dallas Districts. Commercial real estate activity also increased in many Districts, with declining vacancies and rising rents for office space; especially strong activity was noted in the central business districts of some large urban areas. Home prices were little changed in most Districts, although prices increased in the Richmond, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Francisco Districts. Reports on residential real estate activity were mixed. Construction of office space was relatively strong in some large urban areas, such as New York City and Philadelphia. Vacancies for commercial and industrial space also dropped in several Districts. Construction and real estate activity expanded overall in October and November, but saw a fair amount of variation across sectors and regions.DOUBLES_Ramirez, Cleveland, 53; Lowrie, Oakland, 47; Betts, Boston, 46; Upton, Los Angeles, 43; Abreu, Chicago, 42; Andrus, Texas, 42; Lindor, Cleveland, 42; Gurriel, Houston, 41; Altuve, Houston, 38; Bregman, Houston, 38.

" They were protesting not only Kobach, but President Donald Trump and his eldest son and the Trump administration's policies. The event also drew more than 40 protesters to the corner of a street leading into the hotel in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park where the fundraiser was held. They held signs with slogans such as "Save Our State" and "Liars Club Meeting Here Tonight.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump describes how he was ready to punch a person who rushed the stage during an election rally earlier in the day, as he speaks to a crowd in Kansas City, Mo. , Saturday, March 12, 2016.

RUNS_Judge, New York, 125; Springer, Houston, 110; Altuve, Houston, 109; Ramirez, Cleveland, 104; Dozier, Minnesota, 103; Andrus, Texas, 99; Upton, Los Angeles, 99; Betts, Boston, 98; Lindor, Cleveland, 97; Hosmer, Kansas City, 96.

These hills hold the record for the highest house sale prices in Townsville, with a Castle Hill property topping the list at $3. Strand-fringe suburbs like Castle Hill, Belgian Gardens and Townsville City also host some of Townsville's most expensive homes.

And then of course we've got to do good on pit road, so hopefully I keep that track position or improve a few spots actually and stay up there the whole race. "You got to figure out how to be fast on restarts and fast at the end of the run as well. "You got to execute," Kenseth said.

"Unfortunately, we had to do it late, but we did a lot of good things as a team I think will carry over as we go forward. "We did a lot of good things in that game to give us a chance to win," Mularkey said.

(AP) — If they're wise, the three mystery winners of the world-record $1. 6 billion Powerball jackpot will talk seriously with experts in tax law, financial planning, privacy, security and other safeguards before they become known around the planet.

"He definitely has a path to victory, and it definitely has to do with the numbers rather than necessarily what most people want," said state Sen. Barbara Bollier, a moderate Kansas City-area Republican. "It's exactly how we ended up with Trump.

"He's basically the Trump candidate," said Daniel Cossins, a 20-year-old computer programmer from the town of Spring Hill, on the south edge of the Kansas City area. He called Kobach's ties to Trump "a big boost for him.

's) spending his time in Kansas shows that he views this race as an important enough one to get a true conservative in the office," Kobach said in an interview. "I think the fact that he's (Donald Trump Jr.

The next morning, a protester rushed the stage at a Trump rally outside of Dayton, forcing Secret Service agents to leap on stage and form a protective circle around him. On Friday, groupings of well-organized students succeeded in keeping Trump from even taking the stage at a rally in Chicago.

"We said coming into the playoffs that we have to try to just be who we are, play to our strengths, do things the way we know how to do them. I feel like if you try to lay back or if you try to step it up at certain points of time, you open yourself up for mistakes. "You can't just turn it off, turn it on," Truex said. You have to just push right on that edge that you're used to, comfortable with.

(AP) - A Kansas official who later became vice chairman of President Donald Trump's commission on election fraud drafted a proposal for Trump to change federal voter registration laws to promote proof-of-citizenship requirements by states, an unsealed federal court document showed Thursday.

"It was a very opportune time for a generational adjustment. With the windfall, Kiko took his wife on a three-week vacation to Hawaii. "A lot of farmers paid their farm's debt off, and guys the same age as me started letting their sons take over," says Kiko, now semiretired; he milks cows in the morning, just not in the evenings. And he guaranteed the farm would stay in the family. He bought some new farm machinery.

Five Districts reported that economic growth was moderate in January and early February, and five Districts reported that activity expanded at a modest pace. The demand for services was generally positive across Districts, most notably for technology and logistics firms. Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts indicated that economic activity generally expanded at a modest to moderate pace since the previous Beige Book. Manufacturing modestly improved in most regions, with several Districts reporting strong demand from the auto, food, and residential construction industries. Automobile sales were strong or solid most Districts, and tourism strengthened in a number of Districts. Most Districts reported expansion in consumer spending, although retail sales slowed in several Districts. Commercial real estate activity was mixed or improved slightly in most Districts, and financing for commercial development remained widely available. Overall loan demand was stable or slightly higher across nearly all Districts, and several bankers noted stiff competition for qualified borrowers. Agricultural conditions varied across the country, with some areas continuing to suffer from drought while others reported considerable precipitation and improved soil moisture levels. Transportation services activity was mixed among Districts, although the majority of contacts were optimistic about future activity. The Boston District said the economy continued to expand slowly, and the Chicago District reported that economic activity grew at a slow pace. Districts reporting on energy activity indicated modest expansions in crude oil and natural gas exploration, while mining activity slowed. Residential real estate markets strengthened in nearly all Districts and home prices rose amid falling inventories across much of the country.Since the price of auto insurance in Kansas is consistently below the national average, your car insurance than in the past, you can save even more. Statistics, the price of car insurance since 1999 have shown that an increase of approximately 5% increase However, a decrease of about 1% of the price of car insurance in 2007. For people living in Kansas, this is great news!

The Philadelphia District, however, said loan volumes softened somewhat since the previous report. Several Districts, including Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco, said loan pricing was very competitive. The New York District noted widespread increases in loan demand, particularly for commercial loans and residential mortgages, and the Cleveland District said business and consumer loan demand picked up since the last report. Loan demand was steady to slightly up at most District Banks that commented on lending. The Dallas District saw broad-based improvement in loan demand as energy-related lending remained strong and commercial real estate and home equity lending bounced up from low levels. The San Francisco District said increased growth in automobile and mortgage loans spurred overall improvements in loan demand.

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) Tennessee Titans wide receiver Eric Decker (87) is congratulated by tight end Delanie Walker (82), wide receiver Rishard Matthews (18), and wide receiver Corey Davis (84) on his 22-yard touchdown catch against Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Eric Murray (21), during the second half of an NFL wild-card playoff football game, in Kansas City, Mo.

The prosecutor, elected last year, recently requested assistance from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to look into Golubski's conduct and "discussions are currently occurring on how best to proceed," bureau spokeswoman Melissa Underwood said in an email.

Overall commercial real estate conditions were mixed or slightly improved in most Districts. Although some modest growth was reported in the Chicago District, the level of activity remained weak, and commercial contractors in the Cleveland District noted a slowing in activity, particularly for defense-related projects. Richmond contacts described the supply of Class A office space as tight, which they attributed to the absence of new construction. Louis Districts, and activity in the San Francisco District expanded. Commercial development and leasing activity increased in the San Francisco Bay and Seattle markets, fueled by sustained growth in the technology sector. Office vacancy rates declined across most of the New York District, and industrial vacancy rates in upstate New York posted their lowest levels in three years. Commercial real estate activity grew modestly in the Philadelphia, Richmond, Atlanta, and St. Respondents in the Boston District expressed concerns about overbuilding in Boston's apartment market and office sector, while Philadelphia contacts noted an increase in energy-related projects and repair work resulting from Hurricane Sandy. Cleveland, Atlanta, and Chicago reported high demand for manufacturing space, with some Chicago manufacturers leasing temporary space to accommodate increased demand. Boston and New York reported mixed activity, while the Kansas City and Dallas Districts noted few changes. Louis, Minneapolis, and Kansas City Districts. Credit for commercial development and transactions was widely available, although Boston noted a large decline in loan demand and contacts in the Cleveland District said financing difficulties continued. Commercial construction improved by varying degrees in the Atlanta, Chicago, St.

"That's what people can do. "It feels amazing, everybody came together," said Kamran Siddiqui, 20, and a student at the school. Now people got to go out and vote because we have the opportunity to stop Trump.

Magnetic Island was the previous record holder, with a lot at Nobby's Headland going for $1. Meanwhile, Breakwater Quays at Breakwater Marina holds the record for the highest selling land with a lot going for $1.

He was the only prominent Kansas official to back Trump before the state's GOP presidential caucuses in March 2016. He became an adviser and said he had regular contact this spring with Trump's inner circle at the White House.

He's outwardly reserved, he's young, he's the son of a U. Guindo looks nothing like J. And he feels confident that in today's energy play — a business that continues to expand, evolve, relocate, drive dreamers — he has a formula that will let him strike it rich. diplomat from Mali and, well, he's black.

Louis District through November was below year-earlier levels, while hog and milk output in the Chicago District was higher than expected during the reporting period. Contacts in the Richmond District reported that agribusiness conditions were better than in the same period a year earlier. Agricultural lenders in the Minneapolis District expected farm incomes in the fourth quarter of 2014 to come in below the level of the same quarter in 2013. Agricultural conditions were mixed during the reporting period. Prices received by farmers in the Minneapolis District in December decreased from the previous year for corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, and milk; prices increased for cattle, hogs, eggs, and poultry. The level of red meat output in the St. The Dallas District reported that agricultural conditions improved slightly, but drought conditions continued in portions of Texas. Louis District reported that winter wheat harvests are likely to be lower than average, largely reflecting planting delays in Illinois due to wet weather in October. Some areas of the Atlanta District saw a moderate improvement in drought conditions. Agricultural growing conditions in the Kansas City District were generally favorable in December, and crop prices rose modestly. Uncertainty regarding future water availability in California slowed new plantings of permanent crops. Kansas City reported that wheat prices increased modestly amid global supply concerns about limits on Russian grain exports and lower production estimates in Australia. Dairy farm profits in the San Francisco District increased significantly over the past year, but milk futures prices declined recently.In general, the process of buying auto insurance involves buying a number of different types of coverage. Below you will find some tips to help you with your search. Each time you are buying auto insurance, it is important to understand what you are buying. Therefore, when you want to get the best auto insurance in Kansas City, you should take the time to look around.

Visit downtown Kansas City for its annual Christmas parade, tree lighting ceremony and festival that begins the Friday after Thanksgiving and continues for the weekend. The annual tree lighting ceremony kicks off the season in downtown Kansas City every year. You can enjoy meeting Santa, entertainment, games, food and crafts as well as a light parade.

The simplest way to have this done is to see options online or in a brochure. Often items things might be added that may supply a place for relaxation. �Kansas City hot tubs�can be a great selection for almost any lifestyle. There are many ways to incorporate accessories in houses. Make sure you are able to see the all options available.

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Bass Pro Shops and 5-hour Energy are sharing primary sponsorship, with Auto Owners Insurance helping out. All his success has quite literally paid off, too. The team announced last week it filled out its sponsorship for next season, which is never a guarantee even for top drivers these days.

Cunningham Storage Field spans parts of Pratt, Kingman and Reno counties. Kansas has 17 underground natural gas storage facilities, according to the commission. The Yaggy Storage Field is nearby and was owned at the time of the 2001 explosions by Kansas Gas Service Co.

Everyone knows that water views - whether ocean, lake, river or marina - add value to a property because they not only add to the aesthetics of the view, they also add to the lifestyle the occupants will enjoy," Mr Allom said.

"The more passionate people are, the better leaders they are -- and he's someone that's demonstrated that his whole career," Moore said. "He's exactly what our organization needs as we bring in a lot of young players.

14 about leaking gas wells, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Kansas Gas Service owns the nearby Yaggy gas storage field. (AP) - In a story Oct. Kansas Gas Service owned the facility at the time of the 2001 Hutchinson explosions, but the company no longer owns it.

If you like to have a good time, you can visit this Midwestern city for all the fun that you can handle. Some of the events you can enjoy when visiting Kansas City, Kansas include the following. From stock car races to Texas Holdem tournaments, Kansas City has it all.

Roads around Carroll County got redone. The leases soon brought the drillers, pipeline workers and construction crews from as far away as Texas and Mississippi. Business started to pop. In 2012, sales tax revenue increased more than 30 percent and in 2013 another 28 percent.

He said someone called him "ISIS" as he stood in line. "The sheer amount of hatred in there is so blatant, and Trump does nothing to stop it," said Sean Khurana, a 23-year-old Cuyahoga Community College student, who is Indian-American.

After months spent goading protesters and appearing to encourage violence, Trump has seen his raucous rallies devolve over the past two weeks into events at which chaos is expected. The real estate mogul is routinely unable to deliver a speech without interruption, and a heavy security presence is commonplace amid increasingly violent clashes between protesters and supporters.

HITS_Altuve, Houston, 200; Hosmer, Kansas City, 189; Andrus, Texas, 188; Abreu, Chicago, 187; Ramirez, Cleveland, 181; Schoop, Baltimore, 180; Cabrera, Kansas City, 176; Lindor, Cleveland, 176; Cain, Kansas City, 173; Jones, Baltimore, 170.

A white Kansas state lawmaker arguing against the legalization of any use of marijuana suggested that it and other drugs were originally outlawed in part because blacks were "basically users" and "responded worst" to the drugs because of their "character makeup - their genetics and that.

Yet Northern Natural Gas told federal regulators in a recent filing that the Kansas Corporation Commission "has sat on its hands with full knowledge of the risk, and has been complicit by allowing the wells to remain unplugged.

Fabricated metal manufacturers in the Chicago and Dallas Districts noted widespread growth in orders. The automotive and aerospace industries continued to be sources of strength. Manufacturing activity generally advanced during the reporting period. Dallas reported that domestic sales for plastics were strong, while demand for plastics was steady in Richmond and declined in Kansas City.  Louis, Minneapolis, and Dallas reported that food production was little changed on balance, but production in Kansas City continued to decline. Manufacturers of heavy machinery in the Chicago District cited improvements in sales of construction machinery, but reported ongoing weak demand for agricultural and mining equipment. Steel production increased in Cleveland, Chicago, and San Francisco. Chemical manufacturers in the Boston District indicated that the falling price of oil relative to natural gas had made U. High-tech manufacturers in Boston, Dallas, and San Francisco noted steady growth in demand. Chicago and Dallas indicated that shipments of construction materials increased. Biotech revenue increased in the San Francisco District. producers less competitive, because foreign chemical producers rely more heavily on oil for feedstock and production.A number of Districts reported slight to moderate increases in labor costs during the reporting period. Minimum wage increases were said to be a source of higher labor costs in the Boston, Cleveland, and San Francisco Districts. Some of the higher costs associated with health care were reportedly being passed on to employees. Boston, Chicago, and Dallas noted actual or prospective increases in health insurance costs; in contrast, San Francisco indicated that increases in health insurance premiums for the coming year were low by historical standards. New York, Chicago, and San Francisco reported that employers were adjusting compensation to win well-qualified job candidates or to retain or give raises to high-value, long-term existing employees. Upward wage pressures continued to be evident for certain types of occupations and for skilled workers. In addition, Atlanta noted nascent signs of wage pressures for lower-skilled jobs, whose wages have been flat for several years.

Cornerback Logan Ryan, who signed as a free agent last offseason after four seasons and two Super Bowl rings with the Patriots, said the Titans feature a bunch of players with nothing to lose. General manager Jon Robinson, who got his start in the NFL with 12 seasons in New England starting as a scout, has been busy rebuilding this roster over the past two years.

The Atlanta and Dallas Districts said that cotton prices rose since the last report. New York District respondents noted some increased selling prices in the service sector, and the Atlanta District reported that contacts in the transportation sector were able to cover cost increases with fuel surcharges. Kansas City District contacts said price increases for raw materials used in manufacturing led to higher selling prices in some instances and retail prices edged up.

She believes Golubski retaliated against her son because she spurned his later advances. McIntyre's mother, Rose, said in an affidavit that years before her son was convicted Golubski coerced her into a sexual act in his office and then harassed her for weeks, often calling her two or three times a day, before she moved and changed her phone number.

We want to travel or attend special ceremonies, parties at our own way and in a special way. Hiring a Limo and traveling in it adds that style and also sometimes we want to memorize special occasion or day by hiring a Limousine service.

Northern contends in its filing that five unplugged wells above its field are a safety risk. The company did not learn of the two leaking wells until the commission filed its motion, and the agency has still not told the company which wells are leaking, Northern spokesman Michael Loeffler said.

The commission inspected other abandoned wells in the storage field, and found two that have been leaking gas for at least three months. The commission called in experts to extinguish the blowout and plug the well, costing Kansas $166,030, the agency said.

Actually, the Titans have been doing that for the past couple seasons under Mularkey. The Titans now are 7-1 since the start of the 2016 season in games decided by three or fewer points - best in the NFL.

Something to remember is to find areas which are void sharp stones. What this signifies is there should be an excellent way to obtain air available when the spa should be used. Many people who travel with a camper may make use of this type of spa to relax if there is no swimming hole available. Something to remember about a clean tub is it will often be inflatable.

It stands to reason that the best of carpet cleaners in Kansas City have taken these special considerations in their trade. The unique environment of the city requires cleaning techniques suited to the place, and the best carpet cleaners know this. Their equipment, procedures and chemicals might be the same as those of cleaners in other areas, but only those that have studied their area well would thrive in the business.

Full of rides for all ages and tolerances. Tall scary ones, super fast spinning ones and slow easy rides for those more tame souls. The fairway is something that Kansas can be proud of. There's loads of games to win prizes at, cotton candy to eat, a fun house and much much more.

Employment gains were widespread across Districts in October and November. Several Districts noted an increase in temporary staffing as well as an increase in temporary-to-permanent job transitions. Atlanta reported sizable gains in leisure and hospitality employment. Cleveland indicated that manufacturing, construction, and freight transportation payrolls were increasing, and Richmond cited stronger hiring by service-sector firms. Most Districts reported little change in holiday-related hiring relative to last year, though there were some reports of slightly higher rates of seasonal hiring in New York and Chicago. Hiring plans increased in New York, Chicago, and St. Various Districts continued to report that firms had difficulties filling positions in IT and engineering, legal and health-care services, management, skilled manufacturing and building trades, and transportation and warehousing. Boston reported increased employment in the software and IT sectors, and New York noted that financial firms were hiring more workers. With labor market conditions strengthening, contacts in the Kansas City and Dallas Districts noted that firms were having increased difficulty retaining key workers.He said such units are designed to right any wrongs when there may be "a bad apple that sneaks in" a prosecutorial office. In the wake of the McIntyre case, Dupree has been working to establish early next year a "conviction integrity unit" within the district attorney's office.

Kansas is the objective situation. This is one car accident, medical expenses if, and for all drivers regardless of who was responsible for causing the accident, meaning that the car should be covered by your insurance.

Finally, carpet cleaners in Kansas City will market their services not just for aesthetic concerns of the homeowners. They know that the homeowners will look for services that will not only protect the health of their families but also protect the viability of their home as an investment. They will appeal to the homeowners sense of value.

"My whole goal every year is to hit around 20 home runs and try to hit 40 doubles. I've never been a guy to hit long fly balls, so I want to get back to working on that. I want to be a gap-to-gap guy. Even coming up, my home runs were always line-drive home runs.

In an emailed statement, the state commission said it "recognizes these are very serious issues for our state. " The Kansas agency declined to more directly respond to assertions in the company's filing, citing pending litigation.

Drivers are expected to have at least $25,000 in bodily injury coverage per injured person up to $50,000 per accident. Kansas drivers are also required to have Property Damage Liability in the amount of at least $10,000. Residents of Kansas are required by law to have at least the State's minimum requirements for car insurance.

Used vehicle prices remained high. The exception was a slight decline in sales of used vehicles in the New York and Cleveland Districts. Louis District reported plans to open new dealership locations, and dealers in the Chicago District were building inventories for the spring selling season. A number of contacts in the St. However, some auto dealers in the Cleveland District expressed concern about the potential negative impact of fiscal policy on consumer spending. Overall, automobile sales remained strong or increased moderately since the last report. Outlooks were mostly positive, and contacts in the Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Dallas Districts expect sales to increase in coming months.

That's what it looks like to me right now. But when you look at what they're trying to effectuate, it looks like they're trying to bring the markets to them rather than bring their markets to the rest of the world. I don't know when that's going to be.

Therefore, you should always shop around. Collision and comprehensive are not required in Kansas City however; the best auto insurance in Kansas City will offer you this type of option. One thing you should keep in mind relates to how the cheapest insurance is not always the best.

This event features barbeque food from restaurants all over the area and even sponsors contests for the best ribs as well as barbeque sauce. If you are in the mood for barbeque, you need look no further than the Labor Day Barbeque event that happens every Labor Day at Theis Park. Anyone who enjoys barbeque will enjoy the Labor Day Barbeque held in Kansas City.

On Friday, groupings of well-organized students succeeded in keeping Trump from even taking the stage at a rally in Chicago. The next morning, a protester rushed the stage at a Trump rally outside of Dayton, forcing Secret Service agents to leap on stage and form a protective circle around him.

He also was charged with one count of attempted second-degree murder in the wounding of a man who was among two shooting victims to survive. None of the victims were students at the University of Kansas. He faces one count of first-degree murder in the death of Leah Elizabeth Brown, 22, of Shawnee, and two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of Tremel Dupree Dean, 24, of Topeka; and Colwin Lynn Henderson, 20, of Topeka. Charges were filed last Friday against Roberts but not announced until he was arrested.

In addition, Kansas law, PIP personal injury protection or at least $ 4,500, which must be reported as common? Auto insurance personal injury protection, you can pay reasonable and necessary medical expenses for you and your passengers.

In July, the magistrate fined Kobach $1,000 after concluding Kobach made "patently misleading representations" about the documents. A federal magistrate forced Kobach to turn over the two documents earlier this year, but they remained under seal while he and the ACLU battled over whether they should be part of the public court record in the voting-rights lawsuit.

Demand for technology services rose in the Boston, St. Demand for nonfinancial services rose in a number of Districts in October and November. Growth in professional business services fell in Kansas City, but the Richmond District reported gains in accounting business and Dallas experienced expansions in legal and insurance services. Various Districts reported increases in shipments of agricultural products, industrial machinery, oil and gas production materials, appliances, apparel, auto parts, e-commerce goods, and steel.  Louis, Minneapolis, and San Francisco Districts. Growth in transportation services was uneven across Districts, but Cleveland continued to report strong demand, to the extent that shippers were running into capacity constraints. Richmond reported increased port activity, especially for imports, but a decline in coal exports. Several Districts reported broad-based growth in demand for staffing services. San Francisco reported strong demand for cloud computing services.Robin Smith, secretary of the board of supervisors in Athens township, says she doesn't know why the drilling slowed down. The unexpected highs and lows make budgeting for services tricky — and leaves people wondering. "We're learning as we go.   "We are fairly new to this," she admits.

Indianapolis safety Darius Butler was fined $18,231 for his horsecollar tackle on Jacksonville wide receiver Marqise Lee last Sunday. Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack was docked $9,115 for grabbing the facemask of Chester Rogers while making a tackle in Jacksonville's 30-10 win.

The Titans rallied against Kansas City with the defense holding the Chiefs to just 61 yards total offense and no points in the second half. On the other side, the offense held the ball for more than 19 minutes, scored on four straight possessions and Derrick Henry had 85 of his career-high 156 yards rushing in the fourth quarter.

Kansas City defensive tackle Bennie Logan avoided a fine after he was penalized for unnecessary roughness when he hit the helmet of long snapper Thomas Hennessy on Chandler Catanzaro's 21-yard field goal in the fourth quarter. The penalty kept New York's drive going before the two calls later in the possession on the Chiefs' Steven Nelson - and, then, Peters.

RBI_Cruz, Seattle, 117; Judge, New York, 111; Upton, Los Angeles, 109; KDavis, Oakland, 108; Schoop, Baltimore, 105; Encarnacion, Cleveland, 104; Abreu, Chicago, 102; Betts, Boston, 101; Pujols, Los Angeles, 100; Mazara, Texas, 97.

It was named after the Royal Livestock Show that was being held annually in Kansas City ever since 1899. Kansas City was moved to Oakland after the 1967 season. The Kansas City Royals is a MLB team. It holds the honor of being one of teams included in the Central Division of the American League. It is based in Kansas City, Missouri. And for the first time ever after 1883 the Kansas City royals were excluded from the expansion teams thus rendering it without a professional league status.

Kobach's solid base on the right could be enough to win the August 2018 GOP primary, particularly with a large field. The elder Trump carried Kansas by 20 percentage points, but Democrats hope to make inroads into the state's all-GOP congressional delegation next year by attacking the president's policies and appealing to disaffected Republican moderates.

Kluber, Cleveland, 18-4; Carrasco, Cleveland, 18-6; JVargas, Kansas City, 18-10; Pomeranz, Boston, 17-6; Sale, Boston, 17-8; Bauer, Cleveland, 17-9; ESantana, Minnesota, 16-8; Sabathia, New York, 14-5; Keuchel, Houston, 14-5; Severino, New York, 14-6.

appeared at a fundraiser Tuesday evening for Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's campaign for governor, highlighting how Kobach has closer ties to the president than any fellow Republican in the crowded race. (AP) - Donald Trump Jr.

Contacts in the San Francisco District gave mixed reports regarding total loan growth. Demand for auto loans in the Chicago District grew moderately, and one contact noted a significant spike in credit card applications. Demand for business and consumer credit grew during the reporting period. Overall loan demand increased slightly in the Richmond, Kansas City and Dallas Districts. Philadelphia reported a modest increase in total loan volume. Demand for business credit in the Cleveland District grew overall during the reporting period.

Now they will visit New England (13-3) on Saturday night for Tennessee's first divisional playoff game since January 2009 and their first divisional road game since losing to the Patriots 17-14 in January 2004. They've already been installed as 13-point underdogs, though being at least an 8-point underdog at Kansas City and trailing 21-3 at halftime didn't stop the Titans.

It's pretty easy to see why these blocks are worth their price tags. "Breakwater Quays' prestigious freehold titles each have shared 18m freehold pontoons that allow the home owner to moor a boat at their back door.

We've got $20 trillion in debt already, we've got anywhere from $1 trillion to $1. If we take X amount and put it into an infrastructure bill that goes anywhere from $600 billion to $1. I think that is important, and politicians need to come to grips with that. 5 trillion, we could probably do a pretty good job at rebuilding parts of America without adding to the national debt. 5 trillion that could come back here if we bring it back at a rate that's reasonable.

These are people who are seeking out professional help and relief through the courts, because they no longer have a choice. Though it is boom time for attorneys it is not a job that is without a human toll. These are neighbors and friends and even relatives of those attorneys.

Your Kansas City Invisalign dentist will be able to give you a more accurate idea of how long you can expect your treatment to last. Most treatments last for less than a year, although this will vary depending on the individual. These are trays that you slide over your teeth, and are virtually invisible. When you go in for your initial treatment, the dentist will make molds of your teeth and then send these off to a laboratory, where custom-fit aligners will be crafted for you. Many people find this more comfortable, and it also has the benefit of taking less time than traditional metal braces do.Another bonus of carpet cleaning (Kansas City, MO) is residents will likely benefit from the removal of small body discomforts caused by these microorganisms. Problems of odor and dampness can be controlled in this manner.

You can visit during the last weekend of July for food, arts and crafts as well as traditional Polish music and entertainment. This event pays homage to all of the Polish immigrants who comprise Kansas City and is fun for all nationalities. This annual event takes place at the All Saints Church and is a Polish Festival.

Previously off-the-beaten-path locales like Williston, North Dakota, and Moundsville, West Virginia, now rival traditional oil cities in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma as boomtowns, with scores of locals suddenly made rich through the leasing of their land to drillers. Seismologists are now researching whether fracking (as the drilling process is commonly called) is the cause for the series of earthquakes shaking Oklahoma. This energy craze has touched all regions of the country, producing a rush to profit from it — and to debate its merits. Environmentalists and health advocates rail against fracking and what else it might do: contaminate water tables, pockmark landscapes and increase the likelihood of lower birth weights. But wealth at what cost, some wonder.

Too many lottery winners unaccustomed to sudden wealth have gone bankrupt, been victimized or experienced other losses because they were unprepared for an onslaught of unwanted attention, said Andrew Stoltmann, an Illinois attorney who has represented winners. He compared it to "throwing meat into a shark-infested ocean.

The way the economy is going, job development may be several years off. Should you lose your job then you will be at the edge of the waterfall before you know it. Take a good look at your finances now, even though you personally may not be in any trouble. It is impossible most times to raise a sinking ship. However, it is better and sometimes more expedient to develop a plan when you know your finances are sinking. Do not wait, is good advice.

Cheryl Wright Kunard, public information officer for the Douglas County, Kansas, prosecutor's office, had no information about whether he has an attorney, noting that he hasn't yet appeared in court there.

The Vital Statistics Office presently holds millions of death files; therefore, seeking by means of this department imply rummaging at those countless records and waiting for days to get some findings. A way improved option for looking the desired information today is through the World Wide Web.

Their coach has given them those types of playing techniques which can provide them an ultimate victory. If you will miss the matches then you will miss the most striking and eye-catching shots of this season. In the past, when matches had been held between AFL and NFL, they defeated the NFL in superb manner. As they are a prominent member of AFL so they have much more importance and people are mad to buy Kansas City Chiefs tickets. You will always find this team a competent team every season because they have talented team players. In this season, you will see thrilled and intense matches of this team because they are coming this time with more practice and with different playing strategies.

jpgauthToken=eNoti0EOwyAMBF8UZEA25oDUryRAJR8aIghqDn58OXQPq5VmR%2buTyCMzhRiihRVip1mSR8t5x7hxcbjxAW4teG%2b0B6AAYEup2qQsHdDrHCm38%2b5yzLv18TrmkLOOVUNK7Sa3j05ZZwvk9fqmP7AIKldCZ8g46wzjD4OxLVc%3d">syndication. Rebecca Hargrove, center, president iid=a2abfe0ba7364ad7a08927bf993db98brecordid=a2abfe0ba7364ad7a08927bf993db98brole=Previewmedia=Photodest=akofn=Powerball%2bJackpot. JPEGrelativeUrl=jpg/2016/201601/14/3518ca598d258b028d0f6a7067001dde.

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) 28, 2017, in Overland Park, Kan. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach addresses the crowd during a fundraiser for his campaign for governor featuring Donald Trump Jr.

The 75-year-old Alford argued in a public meeting Saturday against legalizing any use of marijuana. He suggested it and other drugs were originally outlawed in part because blacks were "basically users" and "responded worst" to the drugs because of their "character makeup - their genetics and that.

�You have to be sure about buying sports or Kansas City Chiefs tickets�as soon as you are finished with reading this article because other fans will not be wasting time to book the best seats. The stadium is known to be difficult for opposing teams but the loud shout of the fans show their respect for team. The home stadium of the tram, Arrowhead, is known one of the best stadiums in the world with good reputation. The famous team is getting the fans attention by every match and they are still doing their best which shows their sure winning of titles in the future.

If they don�t get victory in any match then they don�t lose their heart and make practice better for next season. This team has been filled with numbers of qualities and features. Their loyal supporters buck this team up a lot and want something extra from them. From the beginning, they have shown remarkable performance; especially 1960 to 1970�s era was spectacular. Kansas City Chiefs are professional football team which has been formed in 1960. There is a great quality in them that if match is not in their favor then they don�t get disappointed, they fight till the end.Homes in Kansas City experience a lot of problems with microorganisms and tiny bugs living in carpets. Kansas City, which is situated near a body of water, has these environmental conditions. There are a number of environmental conditions that might foster the growth of these organisms. These include relatively warmer air temperature and higher humidity compared to neighboring cities.

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The dispute involves the Cunningham Storage Field, a depleted natural gas reservoir that was converted into a storage area for natural gas supplies. The wells in question are in an area that Northern Natural acquired through condemnation proceedings in 2010 after it discovered its gas had migrated, something that is not unusual for such storage fields. No money has been paid out yet because the case was appealed. The wells were capturing some of Northern's stored gas, and as a part of the compensation drillers were also awarded $3,000 per well to either plug their wells or seal them off from Northern's supplies.

You can learn all about wheat at the fair. Not just wheat either, lot's of other different crops are on display here and there's lots to learn about them. Can't forget about wheat in Kansas. Where it comes from, how it's harvested and what it's used for. Kansas is a big agricultural state so there's plenty of vegetables and such to be judged. Yep, wheat is a pretty big deal in Kansas.

With a rises in car theft, vandalism, crime, and inflation, you could be thinking that you have to settle for whatever car insurance companies decide upon. You may believe that you are forced to deal with unfair and unreasonable insurance prices.

Brad Keselowski is also assured of advancing through the round of 12 after Sunday's race, but former champs such as Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch are on the bubble. Start with the fact that he's already clinched a spot in the next round of NASCAR's playoffs with his win at Charlotte.

This means that if there is a car accident, each driver's medical expenses will be covered by their own car insurance policy, regardless of who was responsible for causing the accident. Kansas is a no-fault state.

You, in order to reduce the likelihood they will be involved in an accident, please note each time behind the wheel. Has been rewarded with car insurance premiums for good drivers Kansas is cheap. You could search for thought because there is a potential good driver even if the insurance company of the car have an accident, and not willing to "forgive" the first victims without increasing the premium rate your there.

There is so much to see and so much to do it all can't possibly be done in a single outing. One can easily get lost in time and space while wandering around the 280 acres of real estate, buildings, rides, fairways and commercial vendors.

Home sales continued to rise in most Districts. The Richmond District noted low inventories were pushing up contracts to well above listing prices, and the Boston and New York Districts said multiple bids on properties have become more common. Home sales were reportedly strong in both the Atlanta and Dallas Districts. Contacts in the Boston District also noted a decline in the stock of distressed properties. Although homebuyer demand was high in the Boston District, low home inventories were restraining sales, keeping growth modest. Tight inventories and strong sales led to rising home prices in many Districts, including Atlanta, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco. Within the New York District, condo sales volumes strengthened and low inventories have begun to drive up selling prices in New York City and surrounding areas, while New Jersey home prices were rising modestly and inventories were shrinking with a marked reduction in the number of distressed properties.

He still has regular contact with the White House and was among the sources behind Trump's unsubstantiated claim that millions of illegal ballots kept the president from winning the popular vote. He's also a regular Breitbart News columnist.

Wind sweeping over the city will carry dust, pollen and other debris. Then theres the unique topography of Kansas City. Since the area straddles Kansas and Missouri, air currents, which carry dust particles, will vary greatly as a result of the relatively flat topography of Kansas and the somewhat hilly terrain of Missouri.

PITCHING_Kluber, Cleveland, 18-4; Vargas, Kansas City, 18-10; Carrasco, Cleveland, 17-6; Sale, Boston, 17-8; Bauer, Cleveland, 16-9; Pomeranz, Boston, 16-6; Santana, Minnesota, 16-8; Verlander, Houston, 15-8; Keuchel, Houston, 14-5; Severino, New York, 14-6.CLEVELAND (AP) — Hundreds of police officers, Secret Service agents and private security guards in cars, on foot and on horseback blanketed the area around Donald Trump's campaign rally Saturday afternoon. Dozens of protesters would soon be ejected from the event.

" His 17-year-old son Logan had a freshly bruised cheek from what he said was a punch in the face he received while trying to help his father. Back in Cleveland, Brandon Krapes said he was punched repeatedly after he held up his sign, which said, "Trump: Making America Racist Again.

You have to enter the tournament early to reserve a spot and there are big cash prizes. You can participate in a Texas Holdem tournament every Thursday at this club or you can enjoy the Kansas Texas Holdem Midwest Tournament that is held at the club beginning the first Sunday in June. There are several tournaments scheduled in Kansas City each year at the Club Sparks in downtown Kansas City.

The 6-foot-5 right-handed hitter had been playing at about 215 pounds. Francoeur certainly can point out some mistakes he made, like all the weight he added after those first three years in an effort to become a home run blaster.

You will also have to consider the possibility of having not being able to remodel without approval from your association. These responsibilities should be taken into strong consideration before pursuing beach front real estate. In essence, ocean front property is a lifestyle. You will enter a new cadre of other homeowners that face the same challenges and opportunities as you.

Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke, left, is held up by Rams fans as they rally with San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders fans outside of the NFL's spring football meetings in San Francisco. 8 billion stadium in Inglewood, California, with plans to put the Rams back in the market they left to move to St. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)
syndication. Louis market and a stadium proposal doomed for failure. FILE - In this May 19, 2015, file photo, a photo of St. The Rams' relocation application says the NFL would benefit from the team's move to Los Angeles, leaving behind a lagging St. Rams owner Stan Kroenke has proposed building a $1.

Most of the companies around the world have their Canadian headquarters in Edmonton. There are a few other interesting reasons that make the Real estate in Edmonton a worthwhile investment . Moreover, the cost of living in Edmonton is comparatively lower than other major Canadian cities.

There is a continuous requirement for short and medium term rental accommodation in Edmonton, mainly due to its popular tourism sector.   The suburban commercial property has achieved an enormous boost due to a tremendous increase in demand by the health care and oil and gas sectors.   This is, in fact, one of the major factors that have made Real estate in Edmonton an enticing proposition for international property investors who are constantly on the hunt for opportunities in the global real estate market.

"We don't want our facilities to be unsafe. And then you have someone like the KCC who is charged with the responsibility of keeping us safe and they really are complicit with allowing this situation to continue," Loeffler said. We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in integrity issues over the years to ensure the safety of our pipeline.

Until recently, these same people were solid bill paying citizens. But a job loss or a mortgage balloon payment or credit charge payment increases put them into the category of debtor. It is a hard position to accept that you can no longer pay your bills on time -- or at all.

The current market in the Cincinnati area is actually showing optimism in home prices. Once the new construction homes start selling, and see a gradual increase in their value, this will completely help the value of all homes in the Cincinnati area, and hopefully every aspect of real estate starts to climb in value, making buying a house and living in Cincinnati a great investment. This is very promising considering what many other areas of the country are going through. They are holding pretty steady, which is good for people who have just purchased a home, and for people wishing to sell their house. The new construction market is still a slow go, but despite the value of new construction homes not being where they once were, the prices of homes that aren't new have held steady. Foreclosures are still on the rise, but not enough to affect other values of comparable homes yet.

For your protection against damages caused to your passenger and / or the driver you uninsured or underinsured, in Kansas, at least $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 per person per accident for bodily injury of any Need to carry underinsured motorist coverage / uninsured. Caused by a driver without insurance or underinsured.

No doubt that sport has influenced our lives like no other thing. If you are always looking for their matches, then it is the best time for you to get the Kansas City Chiefs tickets as soon as possible. It is witnessed that people move from their homes just for a cause of match. The best thing to realize is if you do not avail this chance, then certainly you are not making the right decision. The team is having loyal support from all the fans and it is due to the fans that the Kansas City Chiefs have been able to get in the top list of NFL attendance. The fans support them in every match, but you have to buy the tickets at right time, as the other fans will not leave a ticket for you if you get late. Tickets can be hard to buy after every second you waste in making a decision so realize the turning of time and make a purchase soon. No matter what rating the team has, the observation shows that the team is surely a favorite for football lovers. Yes, now it is possible for you to witness the heart stopping moments of match of your favorite team. The thing to realize is that Kansas City Chiefs is one of the best teams in the NFL and people have a craze to watch their matches. A person who likes football can do anything to watch a match.A Kansas City, Kansas family found a ball python inside their toilet in 2015, and similar incidents have been reported in Australia, Thailand and elsewhere. Though rare, reports of snakes being discovered in toilets are not unheard of.

You need to find a place that doesn�t have a really high rent because otherwise all your money will go in paying the rent and you wouldn�t have any left for buying food and stuff. Rent: This is one of the most important factors, which is at play when you are looking for an apartment. Also, if you are going to live with a roommate, then it is advised that you discuss this with him or her before making a final decision. That is why; people look at more places than one so that they get the option of choosing the amount of rent they would have to pay.

Often space might be a problem and a region for a container is usually small. Another option that will be a selection for homeowners is really a soft spa. This resembles a portable spa and are simpler to move. The system is usually more affordable than other options. A lot of people desire a choice which will fit any needs. A smooth tub is the better way to do this goal.

Ten other Republicans have formed campaign committees. Sam Brownback following Brownback's nomination by the president for an ambassador post. Jeff Colyer, who is waiting to take over for term-limited GOP Gov.

LOUIS (AP) — Calling their hometown market economically stagnant and plans for a billion-dollar new stadium a recipe for financial disaster, the St. Louis Rams on Wednesday released a withering list of reasons they want to leave for Southern California that brought immediate condemnation from the governor and fans alike.

Kansan City Limousine providers can provide you a special decoration according to your theme parties or your ceremonies inside a limo and offer you well experienced, well-educated chauffeur or driver, who are well aware of traffic situations around Kansas city, all its important landmarks and beyond. So select wisely and enjoy your time.

Deaths documented in this state beginning July 1, 1911 are maintained at the Office of Vital Statistics, Curtis State Office Building, situated at Topeka, Kansas. Only the direct family members of the departed and legal representatives are allowed to access this account.

Dozens of protesters would soon be ejected from the event. CLEVELAND (AP) — Hundreds of police officers, Secret Service agents and private security guards in cars, on foot and on horseback blanketed the area around Donald Trump's campaign rally Saturday afternoon.

They are taking an extreme step, one not widely seen since the 1980s: breaching lease contracts, reducing how much land they will sow this spring and risking years-long legal battles with landlords. Some grain farmers already see the burden as too big.

Oil and natural gas production generally held steady at moderate to high levels since the last report. The energy sector was a bright spot in the Atlanta District, as projects to increase the Gulf Coast's liquefied natural gas (LNG) export capacity drove capital and labor demand. Output in some wet gas regions of the Cleveland District is expected to increase later in the year as new gas processing units come online. Louis, and Kansas City Districts. Drilling activity was stable over the reporting period, but contacts in the Kansas City and Dallas Districts expect a rise in coming months. Across the country, coal production continued to decline, with lower output reported by the Cleveland, Richmond, St.

He won't keep a seat on either panel but will retain other committee assignments. Alford stepped down as chairman of the House Children and Seniors Committee and as vice chairman of a joint legislative task force on child welfare.

reminisced about his father, criticized news organizations and political correctness and talked about what he saw as his father's appeal as a "blue-collar billionaire. He sounded those themes again during a brief speech at a dinner for about 400 people, followed by an informal conversation with the younger Trump, both of them seated at a table on a stage.

com for the odds and lines, don�t forget to read the free March madness picks at the bottom and our analysis. The Jayhawks have opened as 9-point favorites on several sports book online.

Additionally, this helps with legal expenses as well. Mostly, this refers to expenses that are incurred from things such as replacing, fixing, or giving someone the cash value of what was damaged. Personal damage liability will pay for any damage that is caused by you or someone in your family in regards to property. This is another type of coverage that is required within Kansas City.

Going into the process with eyes wide open will assure that you will find the right property for you. Weighing the negatives with the positives will keep everything in perspective when investing in ocean front real estate.

Thus, it makes sense that in terms of carpet cleaning, Kansas City residents should be doing it with some regularity. Kansas City residents should be able to head off any allergy problems, especially for small children, who are the ones commonly in contact with carpets. This will help control the growth of these organisms in their homes and prevent them from multiplying in number. As a form of family health protection, there are many benefits of carpet cleaning.However, not all patients are ideal candidates for Invisalign. If you still have teeth that are growing in, you may not be able to use this system. Your Kansas City Invisalign dentist will use a combination of a regular examination and X-rays to determine if this treatment will work for you. Differences in teeth and bones can lead to different treatment options that will need to be considered.

, which owns the underground storage facility, wants the Kansas Corporation Commission, which regulates oil and gas drilling in the state, to force well owners to plug abandoned wells. Northern Natural Gas Co. But the commission said in a filing last month that Northern Natural is responsible for making sure its natural gas isn't escaping from the wells - and it asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to order the company to take "remedial action.

Judge, New York, 52; KDavis, Oakland, 42; Gallo, Texas, 41; Cruz, Seattle, 39; Encarnacion, Cleveland, 38; Moustakas, Kansas City, 38; Morrison, Tampa Bay, 38; Smoak, Toronto, 38; Springer, Houston, 34; Dozier, Minnesota, 34.

STOLEN BASES_Maybin, Houston, 33; Merrifield, Kansas City, 33; Altuve, Houston, 32; RDavis, Boston, 29; DeShields, Texas, 29; Buxton, Minnesota, 28; Dyson, Seattle, 28; Andrus, Texas, 25; Cain, Kansas City, 25; Betts, Boston, 24.

grain farming sector has enjoyed for a decade is over. The tensions add to other signs the agricultural boom that the U. On Friday, tractor maker John Deere cut its profit forecast citing falling sales caused by lower farm income and grain prices.

If you are also hard hit by the economic crisis and recent economic slow down of the United States of America, and finding it difficult to find employments to sustain your living cost, you can complete RN Programs in Kansas for easy employments. These programs can be completed through a number of schools, community colleges and universities spread throughout the state of Kansas.

While you will not find oceans or rivers, the state provides plenty of opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing and a variety of outdoor activities. If you�re living in a high stress - high cost state, Kansas represents an opportunity to step back from the chaos. Football and basketball are popular throughout the state. Kansas is about as Midwestern as it gets when you think of stereotypes. Agriculture dominates the state with wheat fields flowing throughout the state. You�ll find a much more relaxed pace of life and affordable cost of living in the state.

"Ryder classes Townsville as an ‘Oasis Hot Spot' due to our good supply of water compared to other southern cities. With our three dams and high rainfall, we are in a great situation in comparison; a city can have all the high-rises and all the roads it can afford, but if there's no water, the people cannot exist there with any quality of life.

"Of course, water supply is one of the key resources that saw Townsville settled in the first place and since then the city's enhanced water supply has helped land it on recognised property commentator Terry Ryder's Hot Spot list over and over again.

He delivers comments in public about immigration and election fraud that outrage others with calm certitude. The words flow even when he's arguing on his feet. Supporters describe Kobach as a fighter, and the square-jawed 51-year-old has the physical presence of a former heavyweight.

In the Atlanta district, contacts in the energy sector, "reported that the downturn in the price of oil has influenced their outlook and strategic planning for 2015, including a heightened focus on cost management, more prudent investments, and faster, more efficient drilling techniques.

(AP) - Two teenagers whose firing from a Kansas pizza restaurant prompted a national discussion on pay inequality should receive back pay and the corporation that owned the restaurant must implement policies to ensure it follows equal pay laws, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

It is still possible to do and to come out much better than when you went in. Many millions in the United States are doing it annually, despite the change a few years ago in the bankruptcy laws. Reorganizing your finances is not the end of the world.

The increase in the average income of people, low unemployment rate, diversification of economy and long-term capital investment are the notable factors that have remarkably influenced the real estate boom in Edmonton.

, Saturday, March 12, 2016. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump describes how he was ready to punch a person who rushed the stage during an election rally earlier in the day, as he speaks to a crowd in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

District Judge Julie Robinson gave prosecutors until Nov. 21 to produce grand jury transcripts related to a prison contraband case in which criminal defense lawyers discovered that the privately run Leavenworth Detention Center was routinely recording meetings between attorneys and their clients.1 seed at next week�s conference tournament. The Kansas Jayhawks had an epic victory over Missouri 87-86 Saturday, now they clinch on at least a share of their eighth straight Big 12 regular-season title. The Jayhawks trailed by as many as 19 in the second half before winning in overtime. The Cowboys are emerging from a 60-42 win over Texas A in the Dallas District, lower oil prices weighed on the outlook for drilling activity. Coal production in the Cleveland and St. Natural gas prices decreased slightly as inventories grew. Since the previous report, mining activity increased in the Minneapolis District. Natural resource activity was strong overall. Healthy demand for timber was noted by San Francisco, leading to increased shortages of equipment and skilled loggers. Louis Districts was up from a year ago.

Getting such a windfall is the start of a "new journey" and the winners should be prepared with lawyers, accountants and financial planners before they come forward, California Lottery spokesman Russ Lopez said.

A lot of veteran players who showed a lot of promise were signed but who failed to live up to the expectations and failed to secure any wins for their team. Their maturing player David Cone was traded for Ed Hearn. Even though the royals did not qualify for the play offs in �89 they still managed to win 92 games and post the third-best record in baseball of all times. Some of the more popular young stars were Bo Jackson, Tom Gordon, and Kevin Seitzer. And despite having several wins under their belt they still fell short of the post season.

The players handled by manager Hal McRae at that time, went on a strike. One of the star Royals players Brett held three batting titles for them the final one coming in 1990. Several of their young players became stars in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. And after he was released the Royals never made a winning impact. He was the first player ever to win a batting title in every decade of his career. The royals recorded fourteen consecutive wins win which came to an end in 1994 due to the premature end of the season. In 1987 Hal McRae was selected as the new manager only to be replaced by John Wathan in the midseason.

The effort relies on a tactic called "focused deterrence. In 2014, Kansas City law enforcement leaders hailed the No Violence Alliance as a catalyst that led to the lower number of killings in nearly five decades. " Members of a criminal network are identified and police tell them their actions can have unintended consequences for others in their cliques. Those who want to pull away from criminal affiliations are offered help through social services.Restaurants in the Minneapolis and Kansas City Districts noted increased sales. The Minneapolis District noted that winter tourism activity was stronger than last year, and spring-break related travel bolstered tourism in the Richmond District. Attendance and revenues were slightly lower at Broadway theaters, casino revenues fell in the Philadelphia District, and tourism activity weakened in Southern California during the reporting period. Reports from most Districts pointed to continued strength in travel and tourism, bolstered by both the business and leisure segments. In contrast, business at restaurants and museums in the Boston District softened in part due to unfavorable weather conditions. Business travel remained robust in the Boston, Atlanta, and Minneapolis Districts, and foreign visitors continued to boost convention travel according to the Atlanta District. Bookings were strong at some resorts in the Philadelphia and Richmond Districts, and hotels in Manhattan, Hawaii, and the Kansas City District noted solid gains in occupancy rates.

Personal Injury Protection car insurance coverage helps pay for reasonable and necessary medical expenses for you and your passengers. To help protect you against damages caused to you and/or your passengers by an uninsured or underinsured driver, Kansas requires you to carry at Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage of at least $25,000 per person, up to $50,000 per accident for any bodily injury caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. In addition, Kansas state law requires a minimum of $4,500 of Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, as it is commonly referred to.

"They connect your experiences with your name because you're giving them another dimension of you, sharing what makes you unique. "Recruiters always remember the personal side of cover letters — this is when you become more than just another applicant," says career expert Heather Huhman.

But between North Carolina and Colorado, I had some amazing "Kansas Time. " It's easy to do some great thinking with this scenery. Recently I from North Carolina, where I had lived for 11 years, to Fort Collins, Colorado. As you can imagine, there was a great deal of time packing and unpacking (those cardboard recyclers loved me! Gently rolling, wide open space. The landscape encourages you to be with yourself. There are signs all the time helping us and guiding us. (For some great photos, visit website )What came to me in my Kansas Time was remembering in a powerful way that we are not alone and that the universe is out to help us.

The supporter, later charged with assault, told an interviewer the next time he confronted a protester, "We might have to kill him. This week, an older white Trump supporter was caught on video punching a younger African-American protester as police led the protester out of a rally in North Carolina.

The city is on the upswing, moving from a largely agricultural and mining concern to an economy bolstered by the aerospace, communications and computer industries. And as more large companies choose Kansas to be their home, professional cleaners will have to deal with a wider range of requests for their services. Kansas City presents a special challenge to carpet cleaners.

He was 23 — 23
— and working for one of the men he had been lionizing since he first picked up Market Wizards
as a teenager. In 2011, he was just two years out of McGill University when Ospraie Management, run by the renowned hedge fund manager Dwight Anderson, hired Guindo away from the energy desk at Barclays to its Park Avenue headquarters as a portfolio analyst.

A visit to a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney is something that is being repeated across the city many hundreds of times. The average Kansas City bankruptcy attorney is seeing no slowdown in the number of people needing to reorganize their finances. To be a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney means that you are quite busy.

Conditions were mixed in the Philadelphia and Dallas Districts, and manufacturing activity in the Kansas City District weakened. Louis, Minneapolis and San Francisco reported some increases in factory activity, but the majority noted that the pace of recovery was slow. Contacts in the Cleveland, Richmond, Chicago, and Kansas City Districts cited concerns over government regulation and fiscal uncertainty as a reason for slow growth. Boston, New York, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Manufacturing conditions improved in nearly all Districts, but the increases were generally modest.

Cruz, Seattle, 119; Judge, New York, 114; KDavis, Oakland, 109; Encarnacion, Cleveland, 107; Schoop, Baltimore, 105; Abreu, Chicago, 102; Betts, Boston, 102; Pujols, Los Angeles, 101; Castellanos, Detroit, 101; Mazara, Texas, 99.

PS Holding no longer owns the Kansas City restaurant but owns other Pizza Studio restaurants across the country. The judge also ordered the Delaware-based company to implement new policies and conduct training to avoid violating the federal Equal Pay Act. A federal judge on Thursday ordered PS Holding LLC to pay Reed and Walcott $2,500 each in back pay and other compensation. The company also must collect, analyze and report data and complaints to the EEOC.Review the Kansas City hot tubs available for any choices which are available. Any basic cover could keep out any dirt and debris. Something to know about basic units is getting some extra cover added. Covers can be found in options which are typically soft shell and hard which rely on the basis of the cost.

Locality: The area, in which the apartment is located, also matters. Living in a busy locality acts in your favor when you are in need of any help or in any emergency kind of situation. You do not want to live in a building, which is situated in the middle of nowhere.

Also jailed in the shooting is 22-year-old Ahmad Malik Rayton, who is charged with attempted second-degree murder and criminal possession of a firearm by a felon. Dominique Jaquez McMillon, 19, is charged with aggravated assault and battery. Bond is set at $1 million for Rayton and $25,000 for McMillon.

This means that if there is a total loss, as having coverage is funding a new car is different. When you purchase collision and comprehensive coverage of your car, you get the coverage of the replacement value of the car. The claims in the state of affairs make a payment of your car, the lender are you, to have this type of coverage, perhaps, if the pay off your car, in order to continue to have this protection in place that are not possible to make much sense.

(AP) - Shareholders overwhelmingly approved a proposed merger of Kansas' largest electric company with a Missouri firm Tuesday, a move that aims to create a new unified company with a combined equity value of about $14 billion in a revised deal that still requires regulatory approval.

" Mayor Francis Slay was preparing a letter to the NFL correcting what he saw as exaggerations and flat-out falsehoods — evidence, he said, of owner Stan Kroenke's desperation. Louis "one of the best sports cities in America, with strong fan support for its professional teams. Jay Nixon responded by calling St.

(Thad Allton/Topeka Capital-Journal via AP) Alford, arguing against the legalization of any use of marijuana, suggested that it and other drugs were originally outlawed in part because blacks were "basically users" and "responded worst" to the drugs because of their "character makeup _ their genetics and that. Steve Alford, R-Ulysses, sits in the Kansas House at the start of the 2018 legislative session Monday, Jan. " Alford made the comments Saturday during a public meeting at a hospital in Garden City.

The murder rate in the nation's 30 largest cities is estimated to be down about 5. 6 percent from last year, according to a recent analysis by the Brennan Center for Justice. The story is different in many other places.

After months spent goading protesters and appearing to encourage violence, Trump has seen his raucous rallies devolve over the past two weeks into events at which chaos is expected. The real estate mogul is routinely unable to deliver a speech without interruption, and a heavy security presence is commonplace amid increasingly violent clashes between protesters and supporters.

Ocean front real estate, even the words conjure up images of luxury and style. Not if you take the time to create a plan of action. You've seen them in the movies and on television. We will cover the details you should consider before making a choice. If you are serious about owning ocean front real estate then you've come to the right place. Having a home by the ocean need not be out of your reach. Is it all just a hopeless fantasy?

The major different is that this type of procedure pushes and guides your teeth into their new location, instead of pulling with metal brackets. If you have been putting off seeking orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth or malocclusions due to a fear of wearing metal braces, there are other ways that you can straighten your teeth naturally and safely. To learn more about whether or not you could be a good candidate for this procedure, you should visit a Kansas City Invisalign dentist for an assessment. Invisalign is a program of treatment that has taken off in recent years in the Kansas City region, and can be a good option because it works in a different way.

Given the special weather conditions in Kansas, where there is a lot of hot and humid days and a number of rainy days, any home is a possible fertile breeding ground for these microorganisms that have been brought into the home via footwear and air currents. The homes in Kansas, whether they be in the rural areas, the suburbs or the cities, are possible places on which these microorganisms can thrive.

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Across the U. Midwest, the plunge in grain prices to near four-year lows is pitting landowners determined to sustain rental incomes against farmer tenants worried about making rent payments because their revenues are squeezed.

This is what pays for another person's medical, funeral, and rehabilitation costs, in addition to a number of other expenses. By chance, if� you happen to be the person that causes the accident, you need this type of coverage in order to pay for the other person's bills. In Kansas, you are required to have bodily injury liability. In addition, it will also help you with expenses that are related to lawsuits and other legal expenses.On Sunday, the Shawnee County Historical Society officially added the Ritchie House during a dedication in Topeka, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported . The event allowed visitors to explore the historic home where John and Mary Jane Ritchie helped escaped slaves flee to Nebraska.

He took over a real estate company his father started in the 1960s. He is a guy you want to get to know and do business with. "I saw a young, good-looking guy who seemed very smart and mature for his age," Newell says of his client. One afternoon last summer, he was at his desk when Guindo unexpectedly stopped in and inquired about buying a couple of acres of land. Bill Newell has lived in Carrollton all of his 52 years.

" — sparking explosive cheers from the audiences as he did so. For months, he incorporated interruptions by protesters into his speeches, growling "Get 'em out! Trump's events have always been intense.

Money Magazine voted Sarasota as one of the 10 best cities to retire young into in 2007, and was rated as one of the best small cities in the United States before that. From gorgeous beaches to great shopping as well as boating and golf courses, top rated culture and arts amenities, Sarasota offers something for all residents and visitors alike.

But what a lot of people tend to overlook in this technology-driven world is that sometimes you need to visit the place in person to see how good or bad it is, and not just depend on a picture on the internet or a review given by an old tenant on the internet. Downtown Kansas City living involves all the above-mentioned everyday jobs, just like any other place in the country.

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, left, face off with protesters after a rally on the campus of the University of Illinois-Chicago was cancelled due to security concerns Friday, March 11, 2016, in Chicago. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

They entered the 2007 season looking for prospective wins after their record 100 losses. For more information you can visit: website City Royals The arrival of Alex Gordon was expected to put an end to the losing streak of the team. They are the eleventh team ever in the franchise to lose 100 games in three consecutive seasons.

"When I was 21 years old and came up in Atlanta, I had a lot of mentors from John Smoltz to Chipper [Jones], and a lot of those guys who took me under their wings and showed me the way to do it," Francoeur said. "And here you've got a lot of 21-, 22-year-old guys getting ready to come up and have a big influence on this club and probably be stars for years, so, hopefully, I can help those guys out.

Kansas residents are required by law to have at least the state minimum car insurance requirements. Drivers are expected to have at least $ 25,000 bodily injury coverage per accident up to $ 50,000 per injured person. You must have the responsibility of the property for at least the amount of $ 10,000 Kansas driver.

The recordings at issue were made as part of a grand jury investigation in the contraband case. A special master is looking into the government's collection and use of conversations between attorneys and their clients that are supposed to remain private.

Please note that these are minimum requirements for the state of Kansas only. Your family when there is a common accident in order to ensure it is protected, you may add a lot of insurance auto insurance policy.

At the end of a two week period, your teeth will have subtly shifted positions enough to put on a new aligner. This allows for a customized precision that will ensure that your teeth move into the spots that they need to with a greater accuracy than you would get from regular braces. Your Kansas City Invisalign dentist will most likely give you three aligners at a time, which are meant to be worn for intervals of two weeks each. By giving you three at a time, you will need to go into the dentists office every six weeks, so that the dentist can check up on your progress, and make any adjustments to your treatment plan if necessary.

As an added challenge to carpet cleaners, Kansas, a growing metropolis, has a population that is sensitive to the environment and their health. Those who have done their homework know that the population of a progressing city will have increasing preference for the best products, including environment friendly products. People these days are more aware of the benefits of environment friendly substances on their health, and naturally they will prefer carpet cleaners that use green products.

Big city life also thrives, with gas stations and groceries not far from any point on the island. Island living has perks such as using the beach at any time of day, with little traffic to the area. Small town life abounds on this island in the waves, where everyone watches out for everyone and the mailman will remember your name. With Sarasota real estate being at all time low prices, why not find a new home today? Siesta Key offers homes from $300,000 that give way to beautiful flowing waters and golden sandy beaches in neighborhoods like Tortoise Estates and Sarasota Beach. Condos on the island start around $250,000 in areas like Excelsior Beach and Polynesian Gardens. Many of these properties offer a minimum of 2 bedrooms and baths, as well as views of the entire beach line and coveted views of regattas that take place during the year.Outlooks among respondents remained optimistic across sectors and Districts, with growth mostly expected to continue at the same or a slightly improved pace. Some uncertainty remained, primarily regarding fiscal policy and health care reform.

The Fed closely watches the quits rate
, which is near a postrecession high of 2. "A larger number of firms mentioned higher turnover rates and more difficulty retaining workers," the Beige Book said. 2%, as a gauge of how confident workers are in finding new jobs when they resign.

Renovations to the downtown area, particularly the River Walk on the Missouri River, make the city a vibrant hub of activities and nightlife. Development and expansion seems non-stop and has resulted in a bit of city sprawl. Stroll over to the Westport area and you�ll be in the hub of luxury shops and high-class restaurants. For racing enthusiast, Kansas City has recently built a major speedway. Often mistaken as a boring place, Kansas City is actually a booming city. Kansas City is a barbeque town and the city knows how to produce the finest barbeque food in the world. Still, the city is surprisingly cosmopolitan.

Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree, the first black elected district attorney in Kansas, noted in an interview Wednesday that Kansas City Police Chief Terry Zeigler recently said there should be an investigation of former detective Roger Golubski, who numerous residents say wielded his power to terrorize the Kansas City, Kansas black community for years.

He took the captain's test five times and scored high on objective testing. But the suit said Jones was marked down in oral sections that involve responding to questions in front of a video camera "because he is African-American. When he sued in 2015, he had been employed by the Kansas City Fire Department for 17 years and had been eligible for captain for 12 of those years. Jurors ordered the payout Wednesday for firetruck driver Tarshish Jones, The Kansas City Star reported.

The companies made public the revised transaction in July after the commission denied in April their original request, saying at the time that the price was too high and would leave the combined utility financially weaker than the separate companies.

You�ll find brick buildings and odd little shops in the town. Home to the University of Kansas, the town is a liberal little town in a state known for being conservative. Basketball rules in this town with the fans living and dying with each game played by the college team, the Kansas Jayhawks. Sitting on the Kansas River, Lawrence is a great little college town.

Passengers in the vehicle are covered with this, regardless of who causes the accident. With this protection, you are required to buy coverage for things such as lost wages, medical expenses, along with other things. In Kansas City, you must have this on your policy.

But you have to have some sort of investment there. I think that, eventually, as they continue to be a part of the global economy, their markets will be forced open whether they like it or not. They're not just some backwards country. They are going to be bigger and bigger as time goes on. There's no question about it. They are a player in the global economy.

STRIKEOUTS_Sale, Boston, 308; Kluber, Cleveland, 262; Archer, Tampa Bay, 243; Severino, New York, 230; Verlander, Houston, 219; Carrasco, Cleveland, 212; Bauer, Cleveland, 189; Porcello, Boston, 181; Tanaka, New York, 179; Estrada, Toronto, 176.

In October 2017 Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree dropped the charges against McIntyre because of "manifest injustice. He is also calling for an investigation into Golubski (Edwardsville Police Department via AP, File) FILE - This undated photo provided by the Edwardsville Police Department shows Former Kansas City, Kansas Police detective Roger Golubski. Golubski was the lead investigator in the 1994 double murder case against Lamonte McIntyre who spent 23 years in prison. " Dupree is establishing a conviction integrity unit within his office.

The best thing about Kansas City Chiefs is that they have got loads of talent while when we talk about support, the loud crowd explains us the meaning of real support. You might have noticed it on the television that the fans are always shouting for Kansas because of their talent and tough matches. It is also noticed that the team is still trying to achieve the support of fans as there is nothing more important than it and you have to buy Kansas City Chiefs Tickets�to show some respect from your side. Every team needs three things to win the match, determination, talent and support. The reason for team�s popularity is its unbelievable record of winning seven division championships, AFL championships and the title of Super Bowl IV won in 1969.

If you cannot afford to pay once a year, insurance companies, to save some administrative costs. It may be more convenient to pay your car insurance once a month in the automatic withdrawal KS, this option is expensive for insurance companies for its implementation. Savings has disappeared along with you.The team's 29-page relocation application, first reported by the St. The team said moving the Rams to suburban Los Angeles gives the NFL its best opportunity for success in the nation's No. 2 market and leaves behind a market that may not be capable of supporting three pro sports franchises. Louis Post-Dispatch, was provided by the Rams to The Associated Press.

(AP) - A judge has ordered the U. government to give grand jury materials to a court-appointed official investigating the recording of attorney-client meetings at a federal prison in Kansas.

This was not a first for the Royals; in fact it was the third time in almost four consecutive seasons that the team ended up with the worst record ever in the franchise history. 346) which meant that it was almost 43 games behind the first place. The Royals continued to struggle through 2006 with more than hundred defeats under their belt. It finished the 2005 season with a 56-106 record (. After a miserable record, the newly signed manager Tony Pe�a was replaced by Buddy Bell.

Chicago's murder rate is down about 12 percent after two years of big increases. Detroit is projected to see a decrease of nearly 10 percent. New York is seeing the lowest homicide total since reliable records have been kept: 286 as of Wednesday.

Rey told police he dismembered her body in a bathtub two days later with the children present. The Kansas City Star reports that 35-year-old Justin Rey was charged Wednesday with abandonment of a corpse and child endangerment in Missouri's Jackson County. Court records say his wife, Jessica Monteiro Rey, died after giving birth Oct.

The investigating committee ultimately dismissed the complaint. Winn faced such an investigation in 2015, when nine Republicans, including Dove, objected to remarks she made during a committee hearing, calling an immigration bill racist.

Manufacturing conditions in the Kansas City District continued to soften, driven by weaker durable goods production, although factory managers project a rebound in coming months. Firms in the New York, Philadelphia, and Dallas Districts were broadly optimistic about prospects for 2013, while cautious optimism was expressed by manufacturers in the Cleveland District, and mixed outlooks were expressed in the Boston District. Contacts in the Atlanta District do not expect future production to be as high as previously projected. Contacts in the Boston District reported mixed conditions, and manufacturing activity held steady in the New York District. The pace of growth picked up in the Cleveland, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Dallas, and San Francisco Districts, while the Richmond and Chicago Districts noted that the pace of growth in production was slower than earlier this year. Manufacturing activity held steady or increased in most Districts since the previous Beige Book.

As was typical throughout the Midwest, Kansas real estate did not appreciate at any great rate in 2005. Ranked in the bottom ten among all states, Kansas real estate appreciated at a humble rate of 5.

Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimated net farm income, which peaked at $129 billion in 2013, could slide by almost a third this year to $74 billion. Many rent payments - which vary from a few thousand dollars for a tiny farm to millions for a major operation - are due on March 1, just weeks after the U.

The senator of Kansas City was outrageous and his threat to introduce a legislation that would remove the baseball's antitrust exemption. The MLB consequently awarded the team to Kansas City the status to play in the 1971 games. Ewing But was pressurized by Symington to allow the start of play in 1969. The threat resulted in the inclusion of the team in the next level of the expansion matches. They finished two games behind the 1987 World Champions. The Royals were a hot favorite in the 1987 World Series, but they ended up winning only 83 games out of the total 162 games.

This way, you are surer you are moving into the right place. Choosing an agent is one of the wisest things to do when you do not know much about the place. However, when hiring one, make sure that agent is experienced and has a good track record.

San Francisco reported an increase in demand for small business refinance loans and noted private financing activity and venture capital activity were both strong. A few Districts noted aggressive competition on loan pricing and terms or an easing of loan standards. Dallas indicated that real estate lending increased, with strength reported in loans for both single-family and multifamily construction projects. In contrast, Kansas City reported lower demand for agricultural loans, and Chicago noted lower utilization of credit lines for working capital. Boston, New York, and Richmond cited an increase in demand for commercial mortgages, and commercial and industrial lending increased in Philadelphia and St. Consumer lending also increased. Louis, and San Francisco noted an increase in credit card lending. Business lending increased for most types of loans. Lending activity improved on net. Cleveland and Richmond indicated that first-time homebuyers continued to face challenges in qualifying for mortgages, although contacts in Boston were optimistic that the new Qualified Residential Mortgage rule would be helpful in this regard. Several Districts reported continued strength in demand for auto loans. Residential lending increased in a number of Districts, reflecting a mix of new mortgages, refinancings, and home equity lines of credit. Chicago also cited stronger loan demand from small businesses for financing equipment and structures.So for your own easement, find either an apartment, which is close to a laundry service place or one that has a laundry room. �You have put your mind down on the�downtown Kansas City living life, follow these few tips and you shall enjoy that living as well. Laundry room: Many apartment buildings have their own laundry rooms where the tenants can wash their clothes, but there are some buildings that don�t have this facility. In such cases, people take their clothes to the nearby laundry place and get them washed.

"Our guys kind of like that role," Titans coach Mike Mularkey said of being underdogs. It's just a blue collar, come to work, see what happens when you do and see . everybody compete for 60 minutes, see what the outcome is going to come. "Again, this is not a flashy team. Don't worry about predictors.

6, 2018, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) Tennessee Titans cornerback Adoree' Jackson celebrates with fans after an NFL wild-card playoff football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Saturday, Jan.

(AP) - Attorneys for three men accused of plotting to bomb an apartment complex housing Somali refugees have urged a federal judge to include prospective jurors from rural western Kansas because they are more likely to have voted for President Donald Trump.

Ed O'Malley, who founded a Wichita leadership center, criticized Kobach ahead of the fundraiser. Two other Republican candidates, former state Sen. O'Malley said the event showed Kobach wants to "hobnob" with the president's son and "isn't really interested in Kansas," an assertion Kobach called "ridiculous. Jim Barnett, a Topeka physician, and former state Rep.

The decision to invest in ocean front property is a major one. Most beach front homes belong to an association that maintains standards for the upkeep and appearance. You will not only have to take into consideration the monetary concerns but also how it will change your life in other aspects as well. Having a house near the water is privilege and with it comes some responsibilities.

The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders want to move to the Los Angeles area, too, proposing to share a stadium planned in Carson, California. 8 billion stadium in Inglewood, California, with plans to put the Rams back in the market they left to move to St. 12-13 in Houston could make a decision on relocation. Kroenke, a real estate billionaire and native Missourian, has proposed a $1. League owners meeting Jan.

ERA_Kluber, Cleveland, 2. 31; Santana, Minnesota, 3. 06; Gray, New York, 3. 38; Cashner, Texas, 3. 42; Carrasco, Cleveland, 3. 36; Verlander, Houston, 3. 36; Pomeranz, Boston, 3. 90; Severino, New York, 2. 98; Stroman, Toronto, 3.

��� Presently, the state is reeling under the nursing shortages, requiring greater number of Registered Nurses for entry level job positions. These hospitals and health clinics are also the major employer of RNs. ��� The American Bureau of Labour statistics has reported that the demand for the Registered Nurses in the entry level positions will see a growth of 22 percent within 2008 to 2018, resulting in numerous nursing jobs, job stability and attractive salary. ��� �KS also locates many cities and urban centers with high density of population, where the concentration of ageing population, needing constant health care and preventive nursing cares is higher. KS RN Salary
The salary offered to you comes around $47,710, $69,850 to $ 94,500 and above, depending upon your experience, job position, job location and education. Advance RN Career Options
If you are aiming for higher level job positions, you can pursue your education in advance field including Masters, Post Masters, Specialty and Doctoral studies to become advance practice registered nurse (APRN). Therefore, being a RN can open up vast job avenues in your career, where you will have job stability, easy employments and attractive salary. ��� The health care industry of the state is well developed creating ample nursing jobs. RN Work Places
As a Registered Nurse or an advance practice registered nurse (APRN), you can get easy employments in hospitals, long term care facilities, ambulatory care centers, operating room, nursing homes, Intensive Care Units, schools, physician�s office, private and public health clinics. The registered nurses with advanced degrees and certifications are offered very lucrative salary and higher job positions. ��� The state also locates numerous distinguished and ranking hospitals including, Wamego City Hospital, Hays Medical Center, Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center in Chanute, the University of Kansas Hospital and other facilities.

The changes would allow Kansas and other states to fully enforce laws requiring new voters to provide papers documenting their U. The ACLU's lawsuit, filed in February 2016, challenges how Kansas administers its law and so far is keeping Kansas from enforcing the requirement for voters who register at motor vehicle offices. citizenship when registering.That's what we've been doing all year long, and we'll continue to do that. "Everybody was hungry and had the want to," Casey said. "When you have that, and look around the sideline and see it in their eyes, there's no reason to panic.

Ted Cruz greets supporters after speaking at a rally on the campus of Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, Saturday, March 5, 2016. Republican candidate for president Sen. (Joe Jaszewski/Idaho Statesman via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

He also heads Carroll Concerned Citizens, an advocacy group that seeks to educate the community on the potential downsides of fracking and the oil and gas boom to the area's quality of life. Paul Feezel moved to Carroll County 15 years ago and owns 80 acres of land, part of which he uses to grow organic blueberries.

My best friend calls it ponder time. If you've ever driven across Kansas, you know it's an excellent place to do some great thinking. Now I call it "Kansas Time. You barely need to turn the steering wheel for 500 miles and 99% of what you see is the road ahead and corn and wheat fields to the side.

Ted Cruz spoke directly to the members of the military and their families in his closing remarks, saying that it's time for a president who believes in them, noting that the current administration has failed in that regard.

Laura Kelly, of Topeka, says she's "flabbergasted. The Kansas City Star reports that foster care contractors discussed the issued Tuesday. The discussion was prompted by the disappearance in August of three sisters from a northeast Kansas foster home.

The elder Trump carried Kansas by 20 percentage points, but Democrats hope to make inroads into the state's all-GOP congressional delegation next year by attacking the president and appealing to disaffected Republican moderates.

That number has soared to six this season, and Truex needs to lead just 23 laps at Kansas on Sunday to break the 2,000 mark for the year. With a new manufacturer in Toyota and a new alliance with Joe Gibbs Racing, the team won four times last season and cruised into the playoffs.

Department officials and foster care contractors note that the percentage of foster children who are missing is about 1 percent and is in line with the national figure for foster children who are runaways.

One of the most beneficial programs for people to take advantage of is actually targeted towards people that are currently have a job educating, firefighters, and police officers. If you are currently in one of these professions, and have decided to purchase a HUD home, you are allowed to actually take out two separate mortgages for the home, at 50% of the loan amount per loan. Once you borrow both mortgages, you are required to stay in the home for 36 months. This really helps men and women that have a profession that really helps the community. The program is called the "Good Neighbor Next Door" program, and its benefits are almost too good to be true. During that time period, you pay on only one of the mortgages, and the other one sits in limbo and accrues interest. How the programs work is that it is specifically used for HUD homes. After the 36 months, the idle 50% mortgage literally goes away, and you will be able to have a home that is worth a lot more than you owe, or you can decide to sell for a profit.

The agency's order is due by June 5. That includes a public hearing on Jan. 22 and an evidentiary hearing March 19-27. The Kansas Corporation Commission also separately issued an order on Tuesday setting out a detailed schedule for filings and testimony spanning the first half of next year. The public comment period begins immediately and ends on March 29.

Vancouver_Stefan Marinovic; Jordan Harvey, Jakob Nerwinski, Tim Parker, Kendall Waston; Ali Ghazal, Marcel De Jong, Brek Shea (Christian Bolanos, 60th); Alphonso Davies (Russell Teibert, 84th), Erik Hurtado, Nicolas Mezquida (Yordy Reyna, 68th).

Edmonton has always played a decisive role in the success of Canada's economy. Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta and is the province's second-largest city. Before venturing to discuss about the Real Estate in Edmonton, here's a little information about the locale.  The city enjoys a moderate, pleasant climate that makes Edmonton Homes for sale an all-time favorite among buyers. Edmonton is located on the North Saskatchewan River.

The application seeks regulatory approval to create a new publicly traded holding company in which Westar shareholders will own 52. 5 percent of the combined company, with Great Plains shareholders owning the remaining 47. 5 percent, according to the commission.

Oklahoma State has won two straight and three of its last four at home against Kansas, who lost 85-77 there as the No. Kansas has struggled with Oklahoma State historically, particularly in Stillwater. Robinson is also a player of the year candidate, has recorded a double-double in seven of his last 10 games. Kansas Jayhawks (24-5)
On February 4, the Jayhawks fell to Missouri but since then they have managed to have 6 consecutive wins, including three on the road. The 19-point comeback victory by Kansas matched its largest ever at home (December 1995 vs. 1 team in the country 2009-10. The question now lies if whether or not the Cowboys will have someone to match Thomas Robinson, Kansas� 6-foot-10 forward."This vote indicates that both companies' shareholders believe in our combined ability to create a stronger regional energy provider, positioned to better serve all of our customers," said Terry Bassham, chairman and chief executive officer of Great Plains Energy, in the news release.

Rushing things while dealing with properties can cost you heavy, which is a mistake, first timers often make. To begin your quest, look up on the internet, do a wise research with the help of search engine tools and find out the hottest deals by every company. When it comes to buy a property, it is very important to striking the right deal. If buying a ready-made home does not suit you, you can well settle for the undeveloped lands which are in plenty across this city and you can then develop your own residential property. Look for your most preferred district and then search out your nest - a ranch or a colonial villa, as you like it. So, taking one step at a time helps, be it in researching out the best deal or settling with the most reasonable cost.

A federal court document unsealed Thursday, Oct. Kobach who is vice chairman of President Donald Trump's commission on election fraud drafted a proposal for Trump to change federal voter registration laws. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File) Kobach was forced to turn over the documents as part of a voting-rights lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. 20, 2016, file photo, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, right, holds a stack of papers as he meets with then President-elect Donald Trump in Bedminster, N. 5, 2017 shows the proposal was part of a strategic homeland security plan prepared by Kobach.

The Katz's outpost is the most famous of the three-dozen small businesses that make up the DeKalb Market Hall, the latest place my 
  For the location, the proprietors chose the windowless basement of a shopping mall in Brooklyn, across from a Trader Joe's and downstairs from a Target.

Department of Homeland Security prepared by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and carried by him into a meeting in November with Trump, then the president-elect. It was among three proposals designed to "stop aliens from voting. The proposal was part of a "strategic plan" for the U.

Wichita police released a statement Monday saying the boy's mother, Miranda Miller, and her boyfriend, Stephen Bodine, are being held on suspicion of felony murder and child abuse. They're expected to make court appearances this week.

He called Kobach "an evil person. Al Frisby, a 71-year-old retired teacher and Democrat from the Kansas City suburb of Merriam, said he's most concerned about Kobach's advocacy of tough voter ID laws, which he views as voter suppression.

The VA beach, over the years, has zoomed out as one of the hottest destinations for buying and selling real estate. In the last few years, the city has witnessed a real surge in the real estate business here as the demand for condos, apartments, villas and beach homes has grown up. The biggest city of the state and the only beach resort here, Virginia occupies the southeastern coast, surrounded by the Atlantic, the Chesapeake Bay and river James.

One thing you won't want to forget when you come to the Fair is a good pair of walking shoes. While there are plenty of places to sit in the shade and rest, you'll want to be sure not to miss any of the fun! There is so much to do and see you'll be on your feet all day racing from one cool thing to another.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued last year on behalf of Jensen Walcott and Jake Reed, who were 17 when they applied to work at a Pizza Studio restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas. The Bonner Springs friends were hired for the same job but Jensen later discovered Reed was going to be paid 25 cents more per hour. When she complained, the manager said it was against company policy to discuss wages and withdrew the job offers.

No officers were injured. The standoff ended around 1:30 p. Police say Lucio barricaded himself inside the home and fired at first responders throughout the standoff, which began about 10 p.

Great Plains is the parent company of Kansas City Power and Light. and Topeka-based Westar Energy Inc. announced in a news release that more than 90 percent of the shares voted at each company approved the transaction at special shareholder meetings. Kansas City, Missouri-based Great Plains Energy Inc.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, you want to be fully aware of any issues that might affect your decision to buy. They will also have valuable information on zoning, associations, and property taxes. They will have the training and expertise to assist you during the home buying process. Make sure you find a realtor that specializes in ocean front real estate. As these properties are very desirable they can also take a long time to sell due to their pricing and trends in the marketplace.

1 as people were leaving bars, concerts and other events on the main downtown Lawrence street. The shooting happened early Oct. About 100 people witnessed the shooting, which police said was caused by an earlier altercation.Agriculture requires the tilling of soil, and the breakup of soil particles will result in freeing up the microorganisms thriving there. Once released from the soil surface, it only takes the action of the wind to disperse these microorganisms to other areas and potentially cause some form of illness. Any activity that disturbs the soil will most likely translate to some form of medical problem.

Kansas City and Dallas indicated that drought-related herd reductions pushed cattle supplies to historical lows, and Chicago, Kansas City and Dallas reported weaker agricultural export activity. Persistent drought contributed to poor crop and pasture conditions in the Kansas City and Dallas Districts while recent precipitation improved soil moisture levels in the Atlanta and Chicago Districts. Richmond, Atlanta, Kansas City, and San Francisco noted additional farmland value gains due to robust demand from both farmers and nonfarm investors. Louis, and Minneapolis reported that elevated crop prices supported stronger farm incomes. Chicago reported that congestion issues in barge traffic eased on the Mississippi River. Agricultural conditions across the country varied with weather patterns.

Oil rigs decreased marginally while natural gas rigs increased. Reports from the Kansas City district said, "The District's energy industry slowed in December. Future drilling activity, employment, and capital expenditures were projected to be significantly lower in response to lower oil prices. Most respondents reported lower drilling activity, and demand for oilfield services fell.

Earlier records dating from 1885 to 1911 can be achieved through the county or city clerk in the region where the person lost his life. Assorted fees are implemented as well. These deaths are filed in register volumes and are accessible for everyone�s utilization. For authorized applicants, the following particulars must be entered in the application�form: the full name of the departed, the date of death, place of occurrence (city or county), spouse�s name, as well as his father�s name and mother�s maiden name. Be informed, however, that not all old accounts survived up to now. Also include the time and location of birth, your relation to the person named on the certificate, reason for gathering the information, a telephone number, mailing address and signature.

"So this site not only honors the Ritchies, but actually honors all of those people. "It took a great deal of courage for someone in bondage, somewhere to make that conscious decision that they were going to change their situation, and to take that first step and move toward making that become a reality," he said.

A building dedicated to the domestic arts is full of beautiful hand made quilts of every size, baked goods, knitting and sewing projects all competing for the blue ribbon first prize. There are cooking demonstrations too.

When they got victory on 11 January, 1970, they made the history because at that time, they had played the matches with full excitement and confident. After that, they had started losing the championships but they didn�t lose their heart because they applied outstanding gaming methods in the field. Intense matches are going to start this season by chiefs because they know that they hadn�t show good performance from past couple of years. It�s their own opinion but their fans love them a lot and boost their past gone games because according to them, they played well but luck didn�t support them. In next season, they have planned to play the match differently. Take a look at their schedule.

When you live in an area where all these things are nearby, it makes life so much easier for you. This means stores for grocery shopping, hardware stores, takeout restaurants, and so on. You no longer have to take long drives to get your takeout food, and if you run out of eggs in the middle of the night, you can just go across the street and get some more. Nearby provisions: One of the perks of living in downtown and in the city is the number of nearby stores.

So how is the home market going in the Cincinnati area? Considering the overall market of the country right now, the city of Cincinnati and surrounding areas are actually holding pretty strong. These programs also help people from being forced from their home, and give them the financial ability to continue to live in the area. There have also been numerous programs given to the public to take advantage of to promote first time home buying, and to promote people to move to the area.

Some really beautiful animals are to seen here. The beasts are all groomed and pampered to look their best then paraded around in front of the judges and public to be admired. Who has the best looking cow, sheep, goat or even chicken. There's the livestock competitions.

Chad Anderson, an official for one contractor, KVC Kansas, says the number of missing represents about 1 percent of the foster care population and is in line with the national average. But Anderson acknowledged more could be done to share day-to-day information about missing youth.Young and Michael Knierim tied for last, with 35 votes each. Voters were supposed to pick five winners out of six candidates. And even after Johnson County officials added in provisional ballots and crunched the final official results on Monday, the tie still existed.

They have told their fans in their every interview that this time, they will prove themselves that they are the real heroes of football and they will show the whole world that they have guts to win the matches and championship as well. After such long gap of getting no championship, they are coming with new determination. You can see their huge loyal fan following list which would be increased this season more. From 2009-2010, you will witness intense matches of this team which will boost up the love and affection of their fans a lot. In order to see their new style, you need to get Kansas City chiefs tickets.

Sarasota real estate not only has grown, but is still on the rise. This trend is brought on by retirees moving to smaller homes, professionals making a permanent move to the city and young families growing out of their current home. The big city appeal and small town companionship are felt throughout Sarasota, making this the best place to call your new home. For those who are looking to make a change and move to one of the greatest small cities in America, Sarasota offers cultural activities as well as many great fine dining and shopping experiences. While other areas are stagnant and the homes may have been on the market for over a year, the homes in Sarasota are constantly being turned over.

Missouri court records show that extradition was ordered after a hearing Thursday in Kansas City. Marshals took 20-year-old Anthony Laron Roberts Jr. Lawrence police said in a news release that the U. into custody in Kansas City, Missouri, on Wednesday, one day after two others were charged with less serious offenses.

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What this signifies is there are no regular accessories necessary for it to work. A homeowner could be needing something that will easily be moved from some part of the lawn to another. They are actually units which are self contained. One sort of unit that could be combined with any home is a portable model. There are many sizes, types and shapes easily available for a light unit.

Roberts is suspected of fatally shooting three people Oct. Lawrence police said in a news release that the U. Marshals took 20-year-old Anthony Laron Roberts Jr. This undated photo provided by the Jackson County Detention Center in Jackson County, Missouri shows Anthony Laron Roberts Jr. 1, 2017 in a popular downtown area of Lawrence, Kan. into custody in Kansas City, Missouri, on Wednesday, Oct. (Jackson County Detention Center via AP)

Virginia has scores of beach front properties to choose from and you get residences of all types. One of the most fascinating beach destinations of the world, the VA beach welcomes every individual who wishes to own a home by the bewitching coastlines. Then again it also became the Best City in the year 2002. Census Bureau called it the "most populous and progressive city in 2004". This undoubtedly is the most happening summer destination for the beach mongers.Twenty-year-old Keith Hawkins will serve life in prison without parole after entering the plea Friday. He admitted killing 24-year-old Alyssa Runyon and her daughter, Zaylynn Paz, in August at their duplex in Newton, Kansas.

In the Long Beach Subdivision, there are homes surrounded by the lushest of greenery, clean and smog free skies and room for you to simply enjoy the great outdoors. With the beach as a backdrop for many of these 2 bedroom and 2 bath condos, your new home away from home could be situated on the island of Longboat Key and still have all the amenities of big city life just minutes away. Longboat Key offers homes from $365,000 that is ideal for people wanting a vacation home or condo, or the retirees that are looking for peace and quiet. Condos in this area start at around $300,000 listing price, and are offered in areas such as Cedars East. In the Sabal Cove neighborhood, a lovely 3 bedroom home with 3 baths built only just over 10 years ago awaits your large family and pets. With beautiful flora and fauna surrounding the homes here as well as plenty of Florida sunshine, you are only minutes from the beach and still enjoy the shopping and the cultural arts in downtown Sarasota.

A single-family home in Wichita will set you back in the $150,000 range, while you�ll need an additional $80,000 in Lawrence. The same home in Kansas City will run roughly $190,000. Kansas real estate is very inexpensive and in abundant supply.

Kansas has really grown. Large aerospace companies have set up shop there, and a number of communications and computer companies have likewise called Kansas home. Yet while Kansas has attracted a number of big companies, the state is still largely into oil and gas extraction and food production.

Fifty-year-old Dennis Clark was sentenced Friday after pleading guilty in November to one count of aggravated sodomy. As part of his plea, less serious charges involving two other patients were dropped.

Also on the team would be volunteers including a defense lawyer, a law school educator and a non-lawyer member of the district attorney's community liaison board. Wyandotte County's conviction integrity unit would be comprised of a full-time investigator.

Thus, cleaners will have to deal with cleaning issues caused by both rural and urban activities. It would not be difficult to guess the special problems that will be encountered by these cleaners. Floors will be a big concern. Kansas City is still in transition, moving from the agricultural to the industrial.

Demand for commercial real estate loans was also strong in the Cleveland, Richmond, and Kansas City Districts. Residential real estate loan demand was strong in the Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta and Chicago Districts, mainly driven by refinances due to continued low interest rates. San Francisco continued to report a slowdown in venture capital and private equity activity, but contacts noted an increase in the number of private technology companies moving toward an IPO. Auto lending increased in the Cleveland and Atlanta Districts, and Philadelphia and Dallas cited growth in energy-related loan demand. Loan demand was steady or increased across all the Districts that reported.

So, we have to attribute it to that. It's just been remarkable what he and the guys have been able to accomplish. "You don't see me dancing in the aisles, but inside I am. Martin has just delivered. "For me, it's terrific," Visser said during the announcement.

It is just a solid place to raise a family and very inexpensive. Formerly a fairly downtrodden place, Wichita has seen a revival with development in the downtown area and along the Arkansas River, which divides the city. Wichita is the biggest city in Kansas since Kansas City is often considered to be a city in Missouri. There isn�t anything particularly attractive or unattractive about the city.

Oklahoma State is 11-13 at home, including a victory over then-No. 2 Missouri on January 25. Page has scored 10 or more in eight consecutive games � including a career-high 40 in a 90-78 victory over Texas last February 18. The 42 points yielded by Oklahoma State against Texas A they come as part of the unique landscape that is ocean front living. You will definitely have to deal with more wind and as result seagulls. Depending on which coast you reside and in what area you may experience weather that is more humid or colder than you are used to. Weather will be something to think about when choosing water front real estate.

These include Kansas Death Records, birth, marriage, divorce and criminal documentations. Certain procedures and fees are also involved, which may vary from each county. The state provides various means whereby this information can be obtained at government offices or via those private service providers.Kansas City_Tim Melia; Ike Opara, Erik Palmer-Brown, Seth Sinovic, Graham Zusi; Roger Espinoza, Jimmy Medranda (Benny Feilhaber, 57th), Ilie Sanchez; Gerso Fernandes (Lobato, 46th), Diego Rubio (Latif Blessing, 78th), Daniel Salloi.

89A in Oak Creek Canyon about 100 miles (160 kilometers) north of Phoenix. Forest Service officer stopped to help Friday after Tyler Miller was in a traffic accident on U. The FBI's Phoenix office said Monday that a U.

It usually uncovers the dead person�s private specifics, his parents�, spouse�s, son�s and daughter�s. Many scenarios may compel you to locate Death Records these days. It is used as legal paper to attest an individual�s passing, get particular inheritance, prove identity or examine family tree, and so on.

Chicago and San Francisco reported lower steel prices, but Dallas noted an increase in fabricated metals prices. Overall price and wage inflation remained subdued in October and November. Pass-through of higher costs to downstream prices remained limited, although Chicago, Minneapolis, and Dallas reported an uptick in the number of firms raising or expecting to raise prices. New York and Cleveland noted an increase among retailers in holiday promotional activity relative to last year, and Philadelphia indicated that retailers would be using promotions to extend the shorter-than-usual holiday shopping season. However, transportation costs rose in some Districts where capacity constraints were an issue. Price increases for raw materials were generally muted, though there were some exceptions, such as prices for certain agricultural products and building materials. Several Districts cited the decline in the price of oil over the reporting period and its effects on gasoline and diesel fuel prices.

Two-thirds of the known killers were ages 17 to 34. Victims, too, were mostly young black men. The murder weapon was a firearm in about 85 percent of cases. Nearly half of Kansas City homicides with known motives in 2017 were ignited by arguments, police data show. Three-fourths were black. Nine out of 10 were male.

Some units include standard seat, jets, and various other features. The one crucial thing a regular homeowner should do is review methods to learn more about available selections. Homeowners have many selections to consider for a regular portable spa. What this signifies is taking time to get know the features which are beneficial. Still another thing to remember is the full cost of the item.

Yet another striking factor that has incredibly boosted the Real estate in Edmonton is the low unemployment level. The considerably good level of income earned by the people of Edmonton coupled with the strengthening Canadian dollar has helped to stabilize the mortgage rate which, subsequently, has made real estate more affordable.

He was sent to the disabled list, returned for three starts in September and went on to have surgery on the elbow in early October. He is expected to be ready for spring training. Duffy was cited for a DUI in Overload Park in late August after returning to Kansas City to undergo an MRI on his pitching elbow while the team was in Cleveland facing the Indians.

3, 2017, in East Rutherford, N. Teammates of Kansas City Chiefs' Marcus Peters, left, try to prevent him from leaving the field after a penalty during the second half of the team's NFL football game against the New York Jets, Sunday, Dec. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Festivities include a carnival, vendors, crafts and an outdoor fireworks display after dark. The parade starts off at City Hall and begins at noon. This is a fun event for the entire family. On the Fourth of July, take the family to downtown Kansas City for the parade and fireworks.

You will be able to use these three tips to find cheap car insurance rate KS, falls within your budget. Purchase auto insurance, but is required by cheap auto insurance in Kansas, is not that they will be able to pay more than necessary for the privilege. By taking these measures, you can get the best interest rate for your car insurance.

Living on your own in the city is fun, but it involves many responsibilities. When you are at home with your parents, you never need to worry about groceries, laundry, rent, lease agreements, and such, but the moment you step out into the real world, you realize that the list of responsibilities is never ending.

(AP) - A Kansas prosecutor has filed first-degree murder and other charges against a man suspected of fatally burning a woman and injuring two police officers during a confrontation.

The last of the penalties frustrated Peters, who picked up one of the flags and tossed it into the seats at MetLife Stadium. During the Jets' go-ahead drive in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs were called for three penalties to prolong the possession. Peters was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct, and he headed straight to the locker room thinking he had been ejected.

(AP) - Natural gas is leaking through unplugged abandoned wells that have penetrated a massive underground storage field in Kansas, creating a public safety hazard amid a dispute over who is responsible for fixing the problem, regulatory filings show.